William has childhood memories of having flying dreams and nosebleeds. He saw a UFO in 1984, a V-shaped object with lights when he was living in New York State, west of the Hudson River.

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He has some memories of beings in his kitchen in the 80's and dreams of alien beings. He has had psychic experiences and has found that electronic devices often malfunction when he is near.

If was decided to place William under hypnosis in order to retrieve more of his memories.  The following is a summary of the session which took place in February, 2010. All drawings are by William himself.

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When William was four or five years of age he was in bed in the "big bedroom" when he felt something poking up his nose.  There were hands on his nose. Some beings told him they were doctors and were checking his nose. Little William told them that it hurt and to stop, but they said that they had to do it.  There were small three beings, They looked to him like grasshoppers and had large eyes.  They then looked at the other side of his nose.   Wm tried to fight them, but they held him down.  He could only see a bright light but he felt he wasn't in his own room. Someone was looking at him, touching his body, looking in his ears. He was scared. He then felt a sucking feeling of being pulled back.  When he woke up in his room, his pillow was bloody and his father said he needed to change it, but William didn't remember anything about the night before.  He now remembers that he had a habit of picking his nose, "trying to get something out" and he still hates to be touched.

Under hypnotic regression William remembered being rolled down a dark hall with beings on his left side.  He then arrived at a lighter place.  One being came very close to him, just looking at him with big eyes.

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He did not feel afraid. There were eight beings around him. He felt he was getting cold, the light in the room was greyish and an orange light came toward him. The beings were talking in his ear, saying, "Come along, it's all right.  We're going to do some tests."  William asked why he was there.  "Because of who your are." and "Because you came back." From what? "Stars." They told him he is special, but he wonders why.  He was now shaking from the cold. Two of the beings were talking to each other, "Should we tell him?"  This made no sense to William.

Next the beings showed him wreckage of buildings.  He seemed to be traveling over the ruins and then saw a brief picture of the moon. The brings said, "This is where you're from." The word "Mars" came to William. The word, "hidden" came to his mind. A ruined building was shown to him, then rocks and some gears.  He was then pulled back and he was in the hall that curved to the right.

William was sitting up.  He observed that the beings were kind to him. They helped him to to move to the edge of the table and stand and walk. He then felt that he was in an airplane and they were showing him what happened.  He had dreams of this before puberty.  He was in a dogfight, sees grass, ground, a hill. He tried to see the engines from the pilot's view.  It looked like a Fold Wolf, dark green. He saw white cliffs which made him think of England. He could feel him being hit. He felt that the beings were showing him this scene.  He then felt he was walking and being supported by the beings.  He was going to the right, aware of a brightness, then he was lying down in his undewear.  The light was shining on him and he was cold. They are scraping his leg, taking the dead skin off. Then they checked his genitals.  A human-looking blonde appeared.  She was pretty, had a nice body, no clothes.  She excited him and seemed loving and personal.   She was on top of him and they were having intercourse which felt strange, but pleasurable.  Then there were flashes of change back and forth from the blonde to a bug-like being. The being was brownish black, It had dark claws. William screamed with fear when he saw this strange being.  The other beings tried to calm him down.  He was then more relaxed and then went down a hallway curving to the right. He felt that he was moving backwards at high speed  in a strange motion and then he was back in bed.  The cat was in bed.   Before William woke up he saw the claw hand.  He felt that the cat was looking at the same thing.  He then went back to sleep. 

At another time, William was in bed when he saw a bright light in the kitchen.  His wife was beside him and he though she had left the light on.  William then saw a being standing at the counter in the kitchen. The being was facing the counter.  He wanted to see the being but he felt that he was being told by a voice on the side of his head to go back to sleep; he didn't need to see the being.  He remembered that the being had a bluish cape on.

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  William  wondered how the being got in because the dead bolt was locked. He then laughed because the being was going through papers on which William had kept track of the lottery.  He thought the being was stupid for doing this. The being itself seemed frustrated.  The being's body turned so that William could see his face.

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The face looked puffy and wrinkled and grayish.  It was a "tough looking face". The being turned to the left and disappeared. There was light in the kitchen when it left. William never felt afraid of this being. 

William's wife said that at another time she saw a troll-like being in their apartment. She couldn't awaken William who was "dead to the world".  The being came close to her and frightened her, but she could not remember anything after that.  She made these sketches of the being.


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William feels that there may have been other instances of alien contact in his life.  These events may be explored in the future.


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