Hypnosis session June 20, 2012


Incident in 1987

I can't breathe. There is something on top of me.. and I can't breathe because it's...there is something on top of my chest...and I cannot move any part of my body.  Maybe it's a ghost...I'm thinking it's like a ghost. And it smells.. and Oh my God!...something is sitting on top of me! I can't see it. I am trying to get the covers off of me so I can move my hands and get out of bed.  It's not really a person, yeah, it's like a person but it's not a person. Skinny.  Oh my God!.. it has the skinniest arms! But those arms are very powerful because she's nailing me; she's pinning me down. She's trying to look at me. I don't like... I get up and she's gone.  Oh my God!  My mouth is so dry! What was that?  That was not a ghost.  She's almost transparent.  She's not really solid, like. [To hypnotist]  Why don't you put her again, here?

[Hypnotist regresses her to when the being was there.]

You're as curious about me as I am about you, aren't you?  She's all eyes, my God! She doesn't want me to remember this. I just saw her face and now she's taking it away. She has the skinniest little legs and arms,  and she's all eyes. That's what she's allowing me to see.  Eyes, and the head she's looking side to side at my face, like she's so curious about me. Skinny.  Strong arms are pinning my arms down. What are you?  She doesn't have a dress on.  I cannot see the other part of her body.  She has big eyes and a big head. She looks like she has on the biggest sun glasses in the world, but they are her eyes.  You thought I wasn't going to see you, but I can see you now. She looks almost like a skeleton face. She's putting her finger in my eye. This is like in slow motion now. She's gotten her face really close to mine. Yuk!  She's almost like evaporating. She has the features like on an insect. She wanted me to see her. Now I realize it wasn't a ghost.  Now I want her off of me.  I need to get up.  I can't do this. I'm feeling like... I'm finally having a paranormal experience. And I want to call somebody and tell them... they're gonna think I'm crazy.


She came back the next night.   I was afraid to go to sleep.  I took two Unisoms and I took some of the sherry. I went to sleep....  Sounds like the fan, like I had the fan on too fast, but I realize it is not the fan. I left the light in the hallway on because I am so afraid of the dark.  And I am so afraid because I know that it is coming. But I'm asleep and I'm hearing it. And she did something, because as soon as I realize that she is sitting next to me, I pass out. And she takes me and we both go..... I don't see her now because she's sitting behind me. She's behind my right shoulder. Oh, God! It's like a mall.  Like a hospital or a mall or something. They're not even aware that I'm coming.  They're ignoring me. She 's bringing me in something. Something like a shell, a big shell, she's carrying a shell. Now they are looking at me. Yuk! I think they're trying to stick their finger in my mouth. They're making me gag. There's so many of them.  They have like hoods over their heads, but she doesn't leave my sight.  She's there with me. At least I know where she is.  I'm losing them. I know she's still with me, but she's gonna leave me too.  She's bringing me back.  I don't think they're very happy with me. I feel like they're pulling my hair, but she's bringing me back. She's holding my shoulder. I'm back in my bed.  Nobody's going to believe me.


[Hypnotist takes her back to previous scene. ] Like they don't have a ..... They're just examining me.  Almost like real doctors....  with lights and probes.... in my ear...Oh no!  I think that they're going to give me a vaginal examination. I don't want them to get on top of me, 'cause I don't like that.  I'm annoying them. " What do you want?" I see their eyes all over the place. They're trying to make me relax. They tell me not to be afraid. The place has pink neon lights, green, pinkish neon light. I think they're gonna give up on me. They're gonna leave me alone for now. When I wake up I'm in my bed again. and I hear almost like footsteps, but they sound like the wishing fan.  It's funny, I didn't feel that much fear that night, but I feel it now. Next thing I remember I'm back at work and I feel I haven't slept at all.  I feel like I'm having a hangover. And I can't even work. How do you tell people that?


I told my husband I had an experience when I picked up the book at the airport. [Streiber's Communion] I told him, "I had an experience, but I don't want to tell you. You're gonna think I'm crazy." But I'm dying to tell somebody, you know. And I'm being bad.  I'm sorry.  I hope that they come back.


That night he woke up screaming.  I ask him, "Who are those people?" And now I feel like I am in control. And I said to him, "It's OK, they're not going to hurt you." And he says "Who are they? What do they want with me?"  Oh, my dear, they are all over the place, but they are not taking us or anything, they are just touching everything. There are at least six or eight of them. And they made a light, like lighting, but the whole house lit up. Blue light.  And because I have company right now, I don't feel so scared.  I'm enjoying the experience because they're not messing with me. BeeBee [female entity seen previously] is sitting next to me. I think that we are friends now.  She's holding my hand now. The other ones are messing with my husband.  I don't know what's happening. She's holding me. My husband is gone.  She's thinking; we're communicating. Yeah, we're friends now. She's talking about things I don't understand about.  About DNA.  She said something about DNA She's on the side; she makes me stand up and she switched to the other side. And she's holding my other arm.  And then she said "DNA" again. "What do you eat?" She's so skinny, my God! " Why can't you make me skinny like you?" Ouch!  She did something that hurt. It was like an injection, but it... it was in my brain! It felt like that.  "Yeah, don't mess".  She put something inside that hurt. I don't see it but she tells me there's a tiny little green sun inside my brain.  She's describing to me with her finger... that it's a little tiny green sun. You know what, I can't see it because she put it inside my brain, but I feel the discomfort. They don't want me to remember. That's what the little green sun is. Oh, that's what they did.  Yeah. They don't want me to remember. And that hurt! It just really hurts! When I press it there it still hurts.

They know you're doing this. They totally, totally blocked it. They don't want me to say anything. She was here.  She was right here.  I don't mean mentally, I mean right here.  And I don't think she's so much protecting me; she's protecting something else. They put in this little thing and activated it. That was way before, but it got activated again. And everything was gone. And she was right here.


[Hypnotist emerges her from hypnosis.]

UFO Photographed by Valerie in Miami on the Palmetto Expressway Southbound, March 30 2012

While I am observing the sky through the windshield, an object that appeared bronze in color but almost transparent (like a clear Frisbee) cross my view going west to east at a surreal speed, then slowing down as it became vertical and seemed to stop completely for seconds.  (I was thinking "He wants me to see him") I struggled trying to find my phone in my enormous handbag as the object was shapeshifting, as if it was opening and turning into a rainbow colored accordion.  Finally I found my phone and started shooting the pictures.  It continued to go upwards until it became a spot in rainbow colors, then disappeared. 

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