In October of 2008 Syrnex was asleep when she awoke to a voice in her mind calling to her "Look !" She turned her head and saw three aliens staring at her from her doorway.  They were about four feet tall and wore robes.  She couldn't see their arms or hands. She was paralyzed except for her head.

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Under hypnosis she remembered that these entities came close to her and then she was in a cold round dark place lying on a table.  The entities seemed to be speaking mentally and saying, "We came back for you." Then she was back in her bed at home. The next day she was thirsty and very tired.

In August of 2008 Syrnex noticed a V-shaped mark on her side.  One month later the mark was was gone. 

As a 6 year old child, Syrnex remembers being up in a peach tree and seeing something big that looked like the grey top of a metal garbage can. It came close and caused her to be very fearful and unable to move.  The next thing she remembered was being on the ground and her mother waking her up. 

Syrnex has seen UFOs three times in her life.  In 1979 in Pennsylvania she was taking a child to school when she saw a round silver craft which was one half the size of the full moon.  The object moved up and down and then disappeared.  In 1981 in Boynton Beach she saw a cylinder in a cow field.  The cylinder emitted yellow flames and took off.  In 1983 on a hot night in Lake Worth she had stopped at a traffic light near Big Daddy's liquor store when she saw a triangle with layers of lights "like an upside down wedding cake". The object hovered and then zipped away in the direction of I-95. There were other witnesses to this sighting.

When Syrnex was 16 years of age she saw a man in a blue shirt and khaki pants walking past her.  When she turned around he was gone!

Syrnex feels that she "doesn't belong here" and that "this is not my home."

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