Skyscan July-Dec 2010

Clearwater Red and White Spheres January 31, 2011 Florida Sightings

Clearwater Beach Orange Flame Florida Sightings
See Royal Palm Beach Dec.26, 2010 below

Coconut Creek Two Big Orange Lights January 23, 2011Florida Sightings

Sarasota Orange Lights January 15, 2011 Florida Sightings

Bradenton Triangle January 19, 2011Florida Sightings

Sarasota Triangle January 17, 2011Florida Sightings

Kissimmee Triangle Lights January 12, 2011 Florida Sightings

Royal Palm Beach Glowing Disk Dec. 25, 2011Florida Sightings


Bradenton Orange Sphere Dec. 26, 2010 Florida Sightings

Miami "planes" disappearing Oct 18, 2010 Florida Sightings

Longwood Amber UFOs in Formation, Oct 17, 2010  Florida Sightings

Ft. Myers Cigar October 15, 2010  Florida Sightings

Englewood Light Formation October 3, 2010  Florida Sightings


Miami, August 20 White Cylinder Florida Sightings

Miami Beach Blue Light Florida Sightings

Plantation White Light With Red Flashing Lights Florida Sightings

Boca Changing Object July 1, 2010Florida Sightings


Click here for Historical Florida Sightings from SKYSCAN

Orlando UFO August 3, 2008



YouTube - A Giant UFO Over Salt Lake City


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