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Charles L. Brown, Scientist, Inventor, World War II Hero, Air Force Cross Recipient, passed away November 24, 2008. Charlie was a featured member of the Disclosure Project and frequently attended UFO Meetings in Miami.
Burial with full military honors was held at Woodlawn Park South on Dec. 13, at 1:00 P.M.


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Louth, Lincolnshire -- The damaged wind turbine, with one of its blades ripped off, in Conisholme, Lincolnshire on January 4, 2009. So far, so mysterious, except - of course - to the UFO experts. For them, the strange goings on at a wind farm in Conisholme, Lincolnshire, can be explained by a flying saucer crashing into the turbine in a close encounter that could, at last, provide the evidence of other life forms they have been waiting for all their lives. John Harrison, of nearby Saltfleetby, saw the ball of light and its 'tentacles' over the farm. 'It was an incredible sight, I have never seen anything like it before,' he said. 'I have no idea what it was.'

Official Explanation of Bent Wind Turbine.    Do you agree?

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UK. November 28, 2008.“"Spectacular" display of dozens of UFOs has been reported in the skies over the West Midlands.


Stealth Shaped UFO Panama City Dec. 31, 2008Florida Sightings

Naples Large Silent Orange/Red Object Dec. 31, 2008Florida Sightings

Stuart Triangle With Red Lights November 23, 2008Florida Sightings

Palm City (Near Stuart) Triangle October 10, 2008Florida Sightings

UFOPalmCity.jpg (3214 bytes)

Orlando Anomaly November 23, 2008 Florida Sightings

OrlandoAnomaly.jpg (2055 bytes)

Pompano Hovering Bright White Object August 6, 2008Florida Sightings

UFOPompano.jpg (4630 bytes)

Hollywood Flashing Triangle January 11, 2009Florida Sightings

Northern Lake County Jan. 3, 1009Florida Sightings

Hialeah Round Metallic Object January 1, 2009 Florida Sightings

Tarpon Springs Disk on Photo Florida Sightings
See photoanalysis on Florida Sightings

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Port St. Lucie Lights January 16, 2009Florida Sightings

UFOSt.Lucie.jpg (1326 bytes)

UFOStLucie.jpg (21300 bytes)

Hollywood Bright Sphere on Photo Feb 14, 2009 Florida Sightings

UFOHollywood.JPG (18133 bytes)
[Image has been lightened]

Venice UFO Stops, Takes Off February 7, 2009Florida Sightings

Miami Large Rectangle with Blue Lights January 13, 2009Florida Sightings

Deerfield Black Oval 50 Feet Long Over Ocean January 12, 2009Florida Sightings

Miami Three Lights Over University of Miami January 1 to Present.Florida Sightings

St. Mark's Refuge Triangle January 16, 2009Florida Sightings

Flagler County Low Flying Triangle January 20, 2009Florida Sightings

Cantonment "Flying Bus" and Circles March 9, 2009 Florida Sightings

St. Augustine Cylinder, Triangles, Balls of Light Feb. 26, 2009Florida Sightings

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Ft. Lauderdale Red Light April 21, 2009  Florida Sightings

Tampa Disk Shaped Object March 16, 2009 Florida Sightings
Photonalysis on Florida Sightings


Ft. Myers Aliens April-May 2009Florida Sightings

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Miami Silver Orb February 14, 2009Florida Sightings

Miami Silver Bell February 4, 2009Florida Sightings

Englewood 12 UFOs seen June 10, 2009 Florida Sightings

St. Petersburg Mettalic Spinning "Doughnut" May 2, 2009Florida Sightings



1989 Five Figures in a Force Field

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1970 Sighting in Brandon, FL  Click Here

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Florida City Witness to UFO and Alien, 1990, 1994 Click Here


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