On October 13, 2010 this hypnosis session was recorded in Miami, FL.  [A-3]


The first incident occurred when Robert was 13 years of age and was on the lake in a boat

" I released the cord from the dock and I started to row the boat out into the water.  As we were going out I decided to row along the shoreline, away from the house.  It was breezy out; it was a summer day and as we got further away from the house I noticed this.. disk, bright and shiny disk overhead. We weren't afraid, but we were looking at it. ...(breathing hard, crying) I think I was beamed up to it! ..... I didn't know where Albert was.  I couldn't move. I was afraid.  I was sitting down. It was dark. They came in, grabbed me,  held me by the arms... (Crying)... They led me to a .. table.  It was like metal, dark black metal. They laid me on the table.  They started to look at me.  All over my body. I couldn't move.  They said they weren't going to hurt me...or harm me in any way.  And  they rubbed something on my skin. I don't know, a scalpel or something and they kind of rubbed it up and down my arms and legs, sort of like they're taking samples of something.  I think they stuck a tube inside me, in my penis, a tube, a real thin tube. It didn't hurt or anything, but... (Hypnotist gives instructions to describe beings)  They were small, maybe, 2 1/2, 3 feet, large black eyes, no kind of nose, maybe little holes, very tiny mouth, they didn't speak verbally to me, just telepathically, there was one on the left and one on the right side.

 They will be back They said they will be back.  I don't know what that means. They lift me off the table.  I sit back down and I think they put Albert on the table. They started to do the same things to him, while I sat there. He must have been on the other side of this enclosure. I want to leave! I come back on a beam, back to the boat. The next thing I remember is it is nightfall and I started rowing back to shore.  It was pitch black and I heard my mother's voice calling me.  When I got home she got very sick right after that.  It wasn't my fault. 

The second incident was when Robert met a young girl.

They came and got me. They beamed me up.  They took me from my bed and they beamed me through the wall to the ship and then the beam took me up.  One time I think I went through the roof. It was different from the other times.  I see a bright, bright glowing object, but once I get inside it's dark in there.  They take me and I walk into this room and there was this young child on the floor playing with something.  It may have been a doll of some sort.  She had kind of like blond hair but it was real sparse.  She had a dress on. Her eyes looked different, sort of like black.  They were strange. They said that this was my daughter.  Would you like to hold her? And play with her. She is 13 years old, but she's not developed like a 13 year old child. More immature, sort of like a seven year old or six year old. I didn't know what to do.  She didn't look quite normal to me, so I just looked at her.

They came and she was just playing with her doll and just looking down at it and they got me and took me back out of the room. They were the same ones.  There seems to be a large one.  He observes me from a distance.  He doesn't come very close, but he's different from them. He is large.  He reminds me of a praying mantis or something.  Long lanky arms, I can't see him that well.  He doesn't come very close.  He just observes.  Sort of like he's in charge, I think.  Maybe. 

They use symbols like hieroglyphics for their language or for expression.  Triangles, octagon shapes, bars with lines running through the center of them. They keep coming back for me.  I'm not sure why.  Somehow I think it's part of their plan to get me to help them, to make people understand. We're not to be afraid.


They have taken me out of the galaxy.  Sort of like a joy ride to show me how they can maneuver through time and space. Much faster than we understand. (Hypnotist asks how this was done.) Somehow through beams of light. We're primitive to them, but they respect us. Sort of like we're a project to them. [He is going] to their planet.  It's sort of like science fiction to me.  I see what looks like futuristic towers with ships flying around in and out of them.  These are huge, almost castle-like structures, but futuristic looking.  And they travel around like there's holes, almost like driveways that they pull in.  And they can fly in and out of ..... almost like Buck Rogers or something like that. It's huge. The planet looks desolate, not green like ours.  I'm on the ship hovering, huge complexes. 

They don't tell me what their mission is.  I don't want to know.  We need to get ready...their return, as they call it.  We need to prepare for it.  The government needs to allow the information to be shared and stop all the deception. So that we can have a transition.  They want to co-exist.  They want to be a part of us.  They want to be respected.  I think they want to be shown love.  They did have emotions and feelings like us at one time. It's been so long, long ago that they have lost all of that. So let's get ready.  You're going to play a part in it. Very soon....

The third incident was when Robert saw a blue light.

I was standing on the bridge of the ship, looking out the portal of the main window.  We were flying to the base in North America over the North Pole.  I don't know why we were going there.  They wanted to show me something.  Maybe they wanted to show me the base, I think.  The mountain opens up; we go in. It's not on the North Pole but very close to it.  It's a very sterile environment.  I see ships, other space ships, all parked like a runway.  There is a glass.. some sort of control center overlooking it. (Robert has memory block, hypnotist helps him clear the block.) Small stairs, metal stairs that lead up to a deck.  On that deck there's rooms that look like sleeping quarters, or resting quarters.  I see a table on the deck.  And chairs--like benches, like picnic benches, but smaller.  They fit a child, a small person. I'm there. I look around.  Everything is small to fit their needs.  It's comfortable in there.  The temperature is warm, but the outside is frozen.  Everything is just dark, just metal, no color, very plain.  I don't see any decorations there.  What seems like uniforms of some sort, little outfits that they seem to wear.  Looks like a top and a bottom, some kind of stretchy material.  The pants are black, the tops almost like a grayish color.  They drink some kind of liquid, it looks greenish, glowing green.  Some kind of nutrients.  I see them holding the glass.  They do research, looks like a laboratory research there, possibly on the embryos taken from humans.  In my mind I see the embryos, sort of look like fetuses. Maybe four or five month old fetuses. They try to genetically alter the physical complexity of the human fetus.  I'm in the laboratory.  I see all kinds of things; I don't know what they are, sort of like scientific tubes and flasks, but more futuristic than the things we have.  Ours are primitive to the type of things I'm looking at.  Some of them are aerated.  I see bubbles sort of like you would see in a fish tank, a large football shape.  They're being aerated.  I guess there's fetuses in there.  Sort of like the environment of the human.  They impregnate women and then take the uteruses from them.  So that they can continue working on this hybrid project.  (Hypnotist asks whether the whole uterus is taken.)  They take the fetus, I believe three month old.  Three and four month old. ...Is this really happening to me?  Now they're taking me back. On board the ship.  Seems as I was walking on it, but it's awful small.  I have to duck, I think.  Inside I'm able to stand up.  I don't understand that.  They put me back in my bed.  Leave.  That's when I saw the blue light.  I guess I was supposed to see it, as a way to unlock everything that's occurred to this point.  It was intentional.  I'm afraid.  What they want me to do, I'm afraid of. I'm afraid to be a part of all this. My family will think I'm crazy.  I feel hopeless.  I have to be in conjunction with others like me.  You are going to be part of the group as well.  "You had an accident as a child," they keep telling me.  I don't know what the significance of that was.  But they were there when it happened.  In a way it wasn't an accident.  They orchestrated it for some reason.  It was a way to reinforce what you already know, they told me.

Incident at age 5.

(Robert is regressed to time of incident in childhood.)

I cut my hand.  I was carrying a milk bottle up the stairs of my grandmother's porch.  I don't know what happened but I fell.  Backwards.  The glass in the bottle went into my hand.  I think I fell backwards because there was an alien standing in front of me on top of the porch.  I don't think he meant to startle me, but I fell backwards.  I never knew, could never remember what happened other than I fell with the bottle in my hand, but he was there, at the top of the steps.  I was five years old at the time.  I was taken to the hospital. The surgeons had to operate on my hand.  I guess that was the first time I'd seen him.  After surgery they kept me in a room with other children. But I think he came back there.. at night.  I tried to get away.  A nurse caught me going down the stairs and she put me back in the crib and put a net over me so I couldn't get out.  I screamed and I cried; they left me there in the dark.  It was horrible, and he was there, one of the aliens.  I don't know what he wanted, what the whole thing was about.  I just wanted to get out of there and I couldn't get out.  Sort of like they used some mind control on the nurse, so that she put that net over the bed so I couldn't get out.  He was touching me.  I was in shock.  Almost as if I was like...his baby.  Almost like he was my dad or something.  He was just touching me and looking at me. I almost lost my mind.  Too bizarre.  He was by himself at that point when I was in the hospital.  I think that is why I always felt "different" since I was a child.  Just touching me, not doing any harm or anything, just stroking me. Sort of like their child, not my parents' child. I couldn't remember those things all those years. Now it all ties in.  He stayed for a while, quite a while, sort of like keeping watch over me.  And then he disappeared.  I guess I fell asleep.  Then he was gone when I woke up the next morning.


(Robert is emerged from hypnotic state.)


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