Regression on May 23, 2012

 Regression Age:  3-4 years.

Waking up.  I see a man standing at the foot of the bed. He has a cane, a blazer.  I'm really scared. I can't see his face, but I see a hat.  He's just standing there, staring at me.  My mom and my dad are right next to me. I'm right in the middle.  They're sound asleep, though.  He just stares at me. I want to wake my mom and my dad, but I'm scared he'll harm us.  He's just staring.  I put my hand over my face.  I just start sweating. Somebody is pulling my hand.  I don't know, I'm confused. Something's going on.  I feel like something -- somebody's pulling me. I can't see, it's very dark.  My parents won't wake up, though.  I still have my hands covering my face, but I feel something's pulling my hand. I'm sweating a lot, though. I don't see anything. I feel like I'm being "taken". I don't know if it's real or not, I feel like I'm being escorted. ...... I'm quiet, calm.  ...... I just see white light now. Just white, a round room.  It's white and it's lit up. I think I'm, lying down.  I just see the top, just white. I feel all alone.  I'm just a little boy. 

I see somebody.  He's over there. He's moving to my left, by my feet.  He's moving towards me.  He's staring down at me now. Ah.. he looks blue, he's wearing.. it's hard for me to remember.  His skin is blue, light blue.  He's just by my side, my left hand side.  He has a big head, small eyes, a weird head. I can't see anything else.


There's a lot of light shining through the window.  I'm back in my parents'.  The room is lit up. 

(Hypnotist takes him back to white room.)

I'm still lying down. He's smiling at me.  He's touching my shoulder.  I feel comfortable with him. I feel like he's my friend, he really cares about me, just at sense of feeling, he's looking out for me.  It's weird.. he's wearing sort of a triangular shaped... it seems like a cape, the collar is up, it's dark. I'm lying there, calm, bright light.  I think he's still touching my shoulder.  Something going on over there to my right, behind me. I can't see it. This guy is sort of funny looking, sort of like a cartoon character. It's a little guy.  I have a feeling they're my friends, like a family feeling. "We're with you." is what I just heard.  "We love you."  Smiling and caressing my arm, my left arm.  The little guy looks funny, but he's a nice guy.  I feel somebody behind me this side now. But I can't see them. I hear some speaking behind my head, but I don't understand.  He walks away.  All I see is the cape and I see the room.  It's just round and white light. Where I'm lying is next to the wall; close to the wall.  I'm alone now.  I'm being taken, I'm being walked over... but I can't see who's doing it.  I just being taken to that side. To the right side.  It seems like -- desk ?  I don't know. It's there on that side. (Points) I'm being walked over. 
They have their arm around me.  I see myself as a little boy.  Being walked over to the ...They're showing me something, I just can't see what it is. (Hypnotist: Can you see who is walking with you?)  It's my friend, the blue guy. He cares about me and he's smiling at me and showing me something. But it's on the side, all the way to the side, and there's a table to my right. Equipment there, I just don't know what it is.  He has his arm around me .. it's weird.  I don't know.  (Hypnotist asks for clarity.) Wow! I just see space!  They're showing me something.  Planets and stuff!  I see somebody else now.  I see somebody to his right side.  I see a being, but I think it's a female.  I see two planets and I see a lot of stars in the universe.  They're showing me something.  I just feel a lot of love, a lot of love. They care about me.  I don't know what's being said.  I'm just looking outside.  I'm just calm, taking it all in.  (H. Is the female still there?) Yes, she's smiling.  I can't picture her face but I know she is smiling. She's tall, though, she is taller than my friend. They are standing right behind the equipment I saw before, that table.  We're walking around by the window, and he's still holding...  It's a long, long window.  I feel a lot of love.  (H. Look at the female.)  She has a long face, no hair, small eyes, different features. I just see my friend a lot, the guy with the cape. I don't know if it's a black cape or dark grey, I just know it's a big collar and it's sticking up.  Kind of what you see in cartoons.  Dark, all dark. I know they're communicating with me.  They're giving me information.  I don't remember. I don't see anybody else, though.

I'm remembering something else.  I'm not even there any more.  I remember waking up between my grandparents this time. This is somewhere else. I am the same age (3-4) I was dropped back into my grandparents' bed. I feel like I was dropped through the house all the way into my bed, by a greater force. I jumped out of bed, seems like a nightmare to me.  Seems like a guy, a big guy just pushed me through.  I just flew into the bed. My grandparents are sleeping.  I'm just really scared.  It's morning.  I can see the window. I don't think these are my friends.  I don't feel the same way.  I'm just really scared. I see a big guy.  Seems like it's a dream or a nightmare, it's a tall, tall being sort of like a monster, but humanoid.  Sort of like a fairy tale character, but he's really mean and he just grabs me.  I just fly, it seems like through the house and onto my grandparents' bed. I just woke up, like, startled.  I know it's not a dream, it's not. It's not a nightmare. He has some hair on him.  He's wearing a brown outfit.  He's just really tall. Just really mean to me. I think it's in the bathroom, he sort of kicks me, it feels like a kick. I fly through the house all the way to my grandparents' bed.  I look around because it feels so real. I'm scared and my grandparents aren't waking up.

(Hypnotist gives suggestions to go back to time before he came back to the house.)


I'm with them. It feels like I'm in a bathroom, but he's holding me. I see our old bathroom and he's just holding me and doing some.. I'm scared.  These are not my friends.  These are different people. I see a few.  (H.Are they all tall?) No. I see them all around now.  These are not the same ones .. They are greys, definitely. They are just around me.  They're doing something. They're working on, they're just running around. They're not talking to me, They're just ..cold, they're just doing their thing.  I see one walking, going that way.  I see a few on this side. (Points rights.) I don't know what's going on; these are totally different people. I don't know what they're doing.  I'm just.. just a little boy. I don't see clothing.  They're a little smaller than my other friend. They're just working around me doing something.  I was just looking at them.  I'm not scared.  I'm just neutral. They are greys, but they look more like ant beings, like ant-like eyes.  Like this one right here. (Hypnotist asks what color their eyes are.) Black. I see a tall one now off to my right. He's really tall and he's giving them what looks like ... instructions? They're not speaking, I just feel it.  These remind me of ants. (H. Does the tall one look like the small ones?) No. Not at all. Very insect-like. They all kind of remind me of insects.  This one to my right looks like a praying mantis.  He's just standing there talking to the others around me. And this is weird, it's just weird. He's speaking to them but I don't know what he's saying. There's a lot going on behind me but I can't see.  I'm calm, but I don't feel any .... I don't like this one.

 I just keep thinking of the other guy,  the tall guy.  They just don't care. They're just moving now.  I don't know what they're doing. I see dark behind, it's not like... the mantis guy is walking around to this side now.  He walks away.  This is a dark room .... seems like.  He just walks through the door.  I just keep seeing this one, the ant one. To my left hand side, they're doing something to me. I see him over near to my head, I don't know what he's doing. I think he's touching me.  I just don't feel anything. (H. asks if he is still in the bathroom.)  No, I'm in a different room. I keep thinking of my blue guy.  They're just very cold. That's just their attitude, what I feel.  I was confused.  There's a lot going on to this side, I feel. To my right, and he's doing something to my head. He's doing something behind my head, I just don't know. There are two other guys behind on this side.  I keep seeing ant faces. Just big eyes, and they're dark grey, kind of like a charcoal. He's doing something to my head; I feel something. I feel some work being done, I just don't know. I can't see him, I just know he's there. I see a light overhead, in the room. They're not talking to me at all.  They're just working, that's all. I see my buddy's face [blue being].  (H. Is he there?) No, I just want to picture his face. I want to get out of here.  I don't like this place.  It's just dark. Their attitude is really cold. I think there's a window on that side, to my left; I just can't see. It is weird.  I think the little ones might have antennas.  I don't know if I'm imagining this or not. I 'm just thinking of an ant.  They're sort of like the grayish beings but their eyes are different. There's one ant-like but then I see a regular grey being. There's some charcoal ones.  It's just really dark. They did something to my eye right now.  I felt some light on my eye. I see a door up ahead.  I'm walking through this door or going through this door. It's the same door the tall guy walked through. I'm walking through this hall.  I see a lot of doors.  I see doors to my left and right. It's just really dark. The doors are open. Round on the top. In the one to my right, there is something in there, I just can't see. Something silver, metal-like. I see water. There's a room on this side.  I see water. This part of the hall is lit.  A fish tank in this room.  The tall mantis-like being is with me.  I feel him to my right side. They're showing me something. This room to my right is one big open space and there's a fish tank.  The tank is full of water. There's nothing in there, though.  Just water.  Big tank. We walk into this room to my right.  Oh, there's a bed. A metal bed, all the way to the right side.  It's just one big open space. Looking back, I see the tank in the other room across the hall. This is weird... this guy looks green to me,  he's really tall. He's not really saying much to me. I'm waiting for something, just standing, waiting. Oh wow! I'm floating.  I just feel like I'm being lifted. I'm really high up by the ceiling.  I can't see the ceiling, though. I'm just floating there.  I see the door, like, floating above it. I'm back in the middle of the room. The room is all white and he's just standing there, the tall being, he's like an insect. I think I just got a message. I see lights floating around.  Little footballs of lights. I see a big white light in my face. I'm lying down.  The lights are gone.

(Goes back to previous experience) I'm back with my friends. They care about me. They're communicating with me.  I'm inside a ship.  I think it is standing still. I see the same window with planets, I think that's Earth. I feel comfortable here.  I feel at home. I'm in the middle of the ship, I'm sitting down and they're explaining some stuff to me right now. There's a female there, she's tall, but I feel more connected to the guy. They are talking about me, and before they were talking about planets. They were showing me space.  I feel like I've known them for a long time.  I'm not scared at all.  They're showing me some equipment.  It's a big panel with lights everywhere. I don't know what he's saying, though. His mouth isn't moving. I feel comfortable.  (Hypnotist moves him ahead) I think I'm outside. I see green, the grass I think. I see a ship just fly by.  I don't think it was the ship I was in. I see a being walking toward me. Another blue being, with a cape or something.  He just walked by this way. He left.

(Takes a short regression to park with human friends.) I'm in Central Park with my  friends.  We're looking at the city.

I'm back on the ship.  I think the blue people are on earth.

I see a ship above my grandma's house. I'm just staring at this thing floating above my house. It's weird.



 It's daylight and I'm looking up. I think my little cousin is next to me. I think I'm walking into my house, but I see this big ship hovering above my house. I think this ship belongs to my friends. It's round, round and sort of triangular like on top. I know it's hovering.  No lights. It's sort of dark on the bottom and like a chrome color on top. My little cousin is next to me.  She's younger than me.  I feel like they're giving me messages.  That's OK.  They love me. I think they're saying," Bye!" I just walk into the house, we play games. We go to the living room where there is a big TV.  We watch cartoons. I think my grandparents are still asleep.  Everyone is still asleep. I'm with my little cousin.  I feel they're still around. (blue beings) I run to the back yard, but I can't see them any more.



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