Hypnosis session: May 27, 2009


(Experience as a small child) Something is there – big long fingers, long arms. Very tall, grey, examining me. He wants me to walk. I have on a pink dress. I hate pink. Cold. He puts his hand on my stomach on top of my dress.  He touches my forehead. I don’t get this.  Big other things – lots of them. Big. One has three dots on his face.

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Small one takes off shoes and socks.  Cold. Can’t move. Finger on forehead. Lifts dress. Hand on stomach. My eyes are green! Light green! Big!

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The small one  holds me. My stomach hurts! They want me to turn over.  OK. I see Grandma.  She has a big head.   OK. Eyes are normal. They’re taking me back. Big ship. He wants me to walk. The little one is helping me. Little one is nice. Walking –not walking—kind of floating. Make her forget. 

(Later she remembered that the “small one” was a half-human female.

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She felt that the tall grey was examining her “so there wouldn’t be damage”. At the time of hypnosis, her hands were held in front of her and fanned out as if to ward off someone or something. )

(Experience at age 6) Protect her.  Just trying to protect her. She can see.  This guy – no good.  She has so much --- knows too much.  Can’t breathe.   He’s hiding behind—Ohhhhhhh! They took her away.  Took her away from them. They do this, they take them away – Children.  They took her away from them, from her family.  Lost. They followed her. Ohhhh!  We warned her.  She’s not in touch.  They’re back. She’s been here.  They’re back. Ohhhh!  They’re big. Strong. Deceitful animals.  They’re like a cat! Eyes Big. Yellow. .Uhhhhh! They don’t care.  Destroy.  They have hair on them.  They’re animals! They don’t care how much pain they cause.  They don’t want the body.  They want her. Ohhhhh.  They want what she is – her soul.  They come through a porthole.  It opens.  Dimension.  She does –same thing.

(Later she said that the catlike figures had cris-crossing leather straps around their chests but wore no clothes. Their nails were greenish yellow. They walked on two legs and were filled with hatred. She couldn’t see whether they had tails. She realized that she had been taken many times. She was very fearful and cried during this encounter.)

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(Experience at age 45) They took her up and showed her ---.  Safe.  Saw heaven open.   Beautiful!   Happy! They take care of her.  “We are of the light.  No interference.   Another dimension.  She is of the light.”  Beautiful --- Understand.

(She was given time to enjoy this experience which seemed peaceful and beautiful. She said that she was taken through a blue porthole.)

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Libby says,"Pure white light surrounds this being's face.   All other beings were pure light --no face. This being has been my companion for my entire life."


Libby grew up in  Puerto Rico.  At age 11 she and her family and neighbors saw a space ship. They never talked about it.   After that she felt a presence push against her.  As a child she had night terrors, was often paralyzed in bed and was fearful of her closet. 

When Libby was in college a friend, Maria, said she was “supposed to talk” to her.  She showed her a huge radioactive circle in her back yard. 

Today Libby has “flying dreams” and has awakened with scratches on her back and arms. She has dreams of being part of the crew of  a space ship. One side above her leg was suddenly sunken in and remains so.  A possible “scoop mark” is visible on her left shin.   She has memories of wolf eyes, yellow-orange, red, animal hands with hair, aliens standing next to her and not being able to breathe.   She remembers being lifted up. At one time her hand was badly swollen and a flesh-eating bacteria was suspected, but this turned out not to be the case. She suffers from migraine headaches.  At one time she felt she was having twins, but only one child was born; she felt that the other one had disappeared.

In 2006 balls of light were seen near a South Florida airport with planes following a silver ball.  This was seen by others.  In 2008 Libby saw an object in the sky moving erratically, but others didn’t see it. 

Three weeks ago, in May of 2009, Libby's vision became blurry and she fell onto the couch.  Something pressed against her for 10 minutes.

On May 24th, 2009 Libby saw an entity with at light body at night.  She couldn’t see any facial features but heard the whisper that she was in danger.

Libby as well as son Walter   and adopted son Henry have all had nose bleeds.   Son Eddie “sees things” in his room.   Son Walter also sees things in his room and has dreams of being a warrior. 

More experiences of Libby

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