Bridgette has seen UFOs several times in her life.  Along with her friend she witnessed bright lights in Miami Beach which seemed to be standing still and flashing, then moved slowly north and stayed there.  In 2007 Bridgette witnessed a vertical light that stretched out.  She was able to take a video of this unusual cylinder-like light.

Bridgette remembered a time when she was five in New Jersey and her underwear was drying on the radiator.  She felt an urge to check the underwear when she saw two piercing blue eyes.  She ran back to bed with her parents, but has never forgotten the “light bulb” eyes.  She also had vague memories of lights on a wall, a movie screen and a yellow being. 

On November 12, 2009, Bridgette was placed under hypnosis.  The session is as follows:


“I try to turn the light on.  I can’t reach it.  A thing on the ceiling is watching.  I am one with it. I can see myself from above.  I am trying to get away [from being on the floor]. My elbows are swinging. There is light from the window.   The thing is coming off the ceiling and flying around the room like a bat – a stingray. 

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It [the being on the floor] has hands with three fingers and skinny arms. It pushed my arms behind my back. It is a little taller than me. Why don’t my parents wake up?   We went through a hole in the ceiling.  The bat thing comes too.  Up, up, up.  The bat thing is satisfied.  The house gets smaller.  I see lights on the horizon.  I’m not scared.   Up, up, …..”

“I see light.  I’m going into the light, through the light, not a floor.   There is a small room with white walls, pentagon shaped.  There is a hallway.   I’m standing on the light-floor. There is no bat. There is a clean white silver floor with walls.

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Back of the hall people are waiting for me.  I’m walking toward them. There are two. One is working.  They are tall and naked and yellow. One said, “Come in”. They are waiting for me. He is not moving his mouth but they tell me what to do.  He took my hand; he has big eyes and a small mouth. Sensitive eyes.  He is friendly.

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  He showed me the room.  It was a big dark room with a movie screen. There were lights on in the room. Lights on the wall. I have seen this room before. The ceiling is so high.  He is friendly, different.  His skin is like a snake. Cold.  His back is yellow. We are back in the hallway early.  I almost want to stay.” 

I see the stubby creature [the one in her house]. He has small feet and pointed ears like a cat or an owl.   He is a dark color and wearing something, a dress?  I know he is male. He is not so scary now. 

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The flying one is in back.  They think I can do something.  They make sure they take care of me.  They think I can do something—destroy them. They are afraid of me.  The yellow ones aren’t.  They [the stubby one and the flying one] do the job of bringing people –the dirty job.” 

“I don’t want to go back. I’m angry. Sad.  I fight them but not like before. We go back to the light-floor. ‘Take her back.’ They drop me through the ceiling of my house.  I jump on the bed.   They are gone.

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