[December 13, 2010. Hypnotic regression beginning with sighting on July 4 when Benjamin was nine years old.]

Hovering there.  Quiet. Everybody was captivated, watching it come a little closer, over the trees.  Watching it.  I remember it coming.  It just came and.... I don't remember then. I want to see it again.  It came so close, really close, 200 feet, 300 feet. It was in the air, maybe higher than the trees. 

 It was round like a disk, had smooth sides, lights underneath. It might have been red. My mom ran into the house to call on the phone.  We were all standing in the field together. It was gone! And we didn't talk about it.   I remember turning and seeing it.  It was up there floating, it was solid.  It was plain as day and you could see it.  It was a beautiful thing. It was right there.  We didn't care about fireworks or anything.  That took precedent over everything.  I wanted it to come closer.  It's come a little closer.  Still tickling on my neck.  Walking toward it.  Saw lights under. Close to the ground. It's overhead, over us, still in front.  The lights were flashing. I want to go back there.  I want to go back and see it.  I'm nine years old.  I've been waiting for it.  It came out of nowhere; I didn't see it coming.  It was there.  They had a hold on me.  I didn't know what they would want with me.  Not important. I'm not afraid; not afraid at all.

[Regression to the time the ship leaves.]

Ship comes over, gets bright, in the field, different place, over to the right, bright.  I see my mom run away.  I can see her going in the house. Everybody is still there.  I can see me looking. I'm locked in to the light. All the people are watching and the light is bright and they get locked in, like in a trance.  You don't want to look away; it holds you still.  There's a flash and it's over.  It's like everything's normal.  It's gone.  Everybody talks about it. They're controlling you. Still. Powerful, not harming. So many people.....nobody wants to believe. 

I was afraid when I saw them the stars. And I could feel that they could see me. That they knew .....  I wanted them to come down, but they didn't come down.  The Earth felt heavy. Felt like I fell down the steps.  I went back inside and I knew they could see me. I went back outside to look again and they were there.  Right above the house.  They're always there.  If I could ever see them, but they're there.  There's a triangle shape and there's more triangles above the city.  I don't know who they watch, and why.  But they're there.  And I get frustrated that I can't see them or remember. I just want to meet, just want to say hi, to know why, what.  I know I'm supposed to be here, but I don't know why.  They know I can see them sometimes.

I remember the dark ones, as a kid. One time I was a boy, maybe 4 or 5. My mom told me I gotta sleep, take a nap, and I woke up on the table. They were there.  They were dark, bigger than me. 

 Scary.  I ran.  I got up and ran.  Ran down the hall, fell through the floor.  They were behind me when I fell through the hole. They watched me through the hole.  I wasn't scared any more.  I could see them and the hole was black and the sky was blue.  They were looking and I wasn't scared.

 I was calm and I woke up.  [Hypnotist takes him back to the time he was on the table.] They were dark like animals. They walked on two legs.  Their faces were dark, they were furry.  They were scary! They were just standing there over the top of me.  I was scared. It was dark, grayish.  The hallway was brighter than the room.  They were really close to me, touching me.  Up close to my face. Touching my hands, my arms.  I woke up.  I wasn't supposed to wake up.  They moved out of the way. They let me run.  They have fur and they're furry.  Their faces are furry.  They spoke in my head, "Don't be afraid." I panicked and ran.  It was over so quick. [Back home]  My body's relaxing.  I was very calm and my mom gave me a picture she painted.  Of a bear, a dark doorway.  It reminded me of the hairy people.  They were dark black, no ears.  I don't remember the teeth.  Hairy, dark. Not so much the picture, just the symbolism with the hole, the dark doorway in the background.  She didn't paint a door, she painted a hole.  Why did she paint the hole and not a door? 

She was there on the 4th of July.  She remembers.  She has problems with memory.  I asked her this year if she remembers.  I described it to her.  She remembers going into the house to get the phone.  She remembers.  It's starting to come back to her.  She remembers the ship with smooth sides, not like a disk.  She remembers the silence. 

I'm locked out.  Locked out of control.  Midships.  Take down the wall.  Told to forget......I felt like I was poked in the neck...and they bit me.  ..... Trance... I can't look away, exchange information.  What's happening lasts for a while.. and then they go back inside. It still happens. They can see right in my eyes.  Stars there, everything's supposed to flicker. The information is leaving me. They see what I see. I think they put information in. [unintelligible]

 Don't make sense. A lot of Deja Vu.  I see it coming.  I change it.  I see it's going to happen one way and it's going to go bad, so I stop and change to something that not going bad.  It's like an .. alternate.  It makes sense, but it's like it's supposed to happen one way and it's happening another way.  I dream of places and I find them later. I dreamed of a church, and in the church was a baby in the basement in a bassinet and old people were arguing with him.  And the baby was very wise. There was a person there in a robe, a brown robe and when I woke sometime later, I found the church.  I was driving with a girl after the hurricane, just aimlessly driving.  On the back street was a Unity church. I knew it was the church from the dream.  I slept in the parking lot. I went back and brought my roommate back.  It was my mother's church. That was her first church when she came to Florida.  Bizarre, to dream of this church and then find it. 

[Hypnotist asks if there is anything else to remember. He describes a scene with small beings and a tall one.]

Little.  Sitting down.  Just sitting there.  [Big one] Tall.  Long limbs, long skinny limbs, big head. A guy, I think.  [Asked what he was doing.] Standing watching the kids.  They're sitting on a tall staircase.  Really steep. Less gravity, they can go up the stairs easy. [Asked if he went up the stairs.] A little.  I'm back down.  I'm just paying attention to the big one, like he was a teacher. He was quiet, calm. Cool.  They looked like human kids.  I just remember that they were normal.  He was different.  Very tall, maybe 10 feet.  Skinny.  I don't remember him having clothes on, but I don't remember him being inappropriate at all.  He was in charge.

  [Asked how he felt at that time.]  Fine. Comfortable.  Not scared.

[Session concluded.]

[After the session, Benjamin was shown the drawing below, from the MUFON Field Investigator's Manual, Third Edition, published in 1983. These small anthropoid entities have been reported in South America.  Benjamin said that the furry entities that he remembered under hypnosis looked like this. ]

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