This is what happened...I took Tylenol PM and went to sleep, I couldn't tell you exactly the time, maybe around 3:15AM, when some kind of movement inside the bedroom made me open my eyes. I saw a small figure, light grey in color, around 3 ft tall and very skinny; he was holding a light, not a candle, more like a long stick with a small flame and he was running out of bedroom to the hall next to the bathroom. I couldn't believe it so I closed and opened my eyes several times and came to the conclusion that I was dreaming or maybe it was the effect of the PM Tylenol, so I decided to sleep again.

AnaGsketch047.jpg (229276 bytes)

Around 15 or maybe 25 minutes later I heard some voices out in the living room, voices in echo like when you go to a funeral and everybody talks whispering to each other but loud enough that if you are sleeping the only thing you can hear is their voices without understanding any word they are saying. After these voices I went to sleep again thinking it was a nightmare.  Minutes later some movement inside the closet made me open my eyes again and I saw two little people like I described above.  They were both playing with the fire stick and they seemed to enjoy whatever game they were playing. I felt very scared and tried not open my eyes so much just in case they noticed I was watching them, but again I felt it was a nightmare because my body felt wet from sweat and paralyzed.

At  5:45AM my boyfriend left the house for work and before he left I remembered I asked him to leave the light in the hallway on. I was scared but had no time to tell him about the crazy dreams.

After work I came home and took a shower. I was looking all over my body for some clues but found nothing. I even told my boyfriend to check my right ear because it was hurting a little. He said I had something like a pimple, but that was it.

Two days later I came from work around 5PM and the TV was off  when I noticed the  TV screen. Immediately I asked my boyfriend if he was playing with my head because until this day I think I'm crazy just by thinking something so different and unknown can happen to me, but he told me no; I do believe his word.

Then we took the picture:


TVprints.JPG (1655429 bytes)


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