While Alex's mother was pregnant with him she saw appear on the wall in front of her a beautiful man in a white robe with gold lacing.  The man came forward, touched her abdomen, smiled, and slowly faded back into the wall.  When Alex was a small boy, fires appeared in front of him on the carpet and on the stove top.  His sister put out the fires with salt.  Once the TV exploded in the room in which Alex was sleeping in his crib.  Firemen came and extinguished the flames. 


One day when Alex was four or five years of age he rode his push pedal car to the other side of his block to visit two men standing by a black car.  They were tall and wore black suits. They gave him a number and he rode his car back to his apartment building.  He told his mother that he had visited aliens who gave him a phone number to reach them.  His mother took the paper and he never saw it again.  A few years later they moved from the apartment into a home.

Alex dreamed that he was at the outer edge of our solar system inside a transparent space vehicle.  There was a visible center console that was beige in color but there didn't seem to be any walls.  He looked to his right and saw a human-like being  that flickered faster and faster until it became clear.  It was thinly built and had reddish, bluish skin with ghostly long hair that flowed effortlessly.  Its face looked human and peaceful.  It started to communicate in audible thought patterns.  He soon realized it was telling him to look at the center console.  Massive multi-level 3-D grids appeared above the console.  Each grid contained miniature flattened galaxies of different colors and shapes.  Thoughts were planted into his head by the being; it was telling him that we humans were on the third grid and we had to graduate quickly to the eleventh or twelfth.  The being told him that he knew how to do this because of his advanced consciousness.


When Alex was 17, he and his mother and sister moved back into the apartment where they had lived before and weird things happened.  One day his mother was sitting alone on the couch in the living room when suddenly the couch burst into flames, reaching to the roof.  She escaped with minor burns, but the cause of the fire was never found.  Alex' s mother did not smoke and no candles were used.

When Alex was 18 be began to see the same numbers, 1,3,4,7, in combinations just about everywhere; he still sees them on clocks, computer games scores, price tags and other places.  He also sees colors for numbers.

Alex had a dream that his mother was going to die from something in her stomach.  The next morning he told her about it, thinking that it would save her.  Soon after that day the mother was diagnosed with colon cancer that had spread from a tumor in her uterus.  She died about five months later.

Alex moved in with his girl friend.  After a year, he started to think of things which happened later.  Both he and his girl friend began waking up with little slits and dried blood in their ears. 

Because of the ongoing strangeness in his life, Alex decided to try hypnosis to try to determine the cause of these unusual occurrences.


 Hypnotic Session May 7, 2004

"It's black everywhere. Square, baby, baby blue.  The symbols are all white. The ones in the foreground are more numbers.  The ones on the bottom, I don't know.  They're complicated.  They're just ....three quarters of a star.  A circle inside a circle, but not a little circle.  It's almost the same size.  There's right to left and down to right, down to left, right. Left down, right down, left.  It's like S?  Another symbol, that's straight, not curly.  These symbols have circles around them or borders.  Looks like...there's some simple ones, too.  They have to be deciphered.... I don't know what I'm looking at.  I saw a white rod with circles on the ends of it.. like a .... rod from left to right, circles facing away.  They're three dimensional, they're not flat.   They're thin.  It's a glow.  There's a blob, or is it some kind of a little cluster of balls?  Ummmm I definitely.... seven, four, three, six, four.   The numbers that are really big are just similar to the numbers that I see.   But there is... it's black behind all of it.  The numbers on the bottom are thinner and they're smaller, those symbols I mean, and they're going along a stripe.   They're on top of a stripe of something. The top ones, they come forward at will, I guess to see them clearly get large. They're...there's a white kind of a glowing border around the whole square.  There's no narration.  There are dots here and there, I don't know if they're just.... I can't....trying to find out. 


There was a thing in the background, a small, ...opening? No.   The origin must be far, there's nothing behind it.  I can't see, there's something that looks like a small circle or something of light with a line through it like a bluish. like a very light color,.. glow? It's very small so I don't know if that's what put on the screen. The symbols are hard.  When I try to remember, they can manipulate.  The numbers, the screen.  They're very hard to grasp; they only seem to be there when they're supposed to be.  Every time I try, They're under some.... and they're smart.  It is some kind of security? It doesn't let you know.  

There's a red eye.  The lines that I just saw went away.  I don't know if it was an eye.  Orange. Large. That wasn't...I don't think it was an eye.  It  just wasn't oval, elliptical.  Red with a line, like a capsule, line in the middle, just came foreground.  Red, like orange.  I don't see anybody behind the screen.  There is desperation on the other end of someone.  I caught a glimpse of desperation from a man.  He was scared.  I think they're trying.... I don't know. He's on the ground with his arms around his knees. He looks like....he's a little overweight, he's short, kind of balding.  He looks like my friend Louie a little bit.  It just seems out of place. I see a wall that's next to him, but the wall is black, but I know the wall is there, because I can almost see around the corner of it. Like space, like it's matter. But they had the man, the man is there.   Whatever, he's just scared.  That doesn't seem like something that's now.   Just showing me what that man.....something.  I don't know, they're shoving something in him. I have to go back.  He's definitely behind the screen.  It's not at the same time.  He's been .... I might think he's been taking me on as well.   What he knows, he doesn't understand it.  He's wearing white shorts with a blue shirt.  I think he's got a mustache, I see him from the side, he's sitting on his, on his butt with his knees up.  I don't know if he's thinking or wondering.   It just seemed that they shoved something into his brain, or into his feelings.   That guy could be anybody, but I don't know him.  I get the feeling that he's not where I'm at, that he's a thought, a fragment.  So that's that.  It's not physical [the shoving]. 

There's now a dome, a black dome.  It came over in front of the.... I don't know what it is.  If I just think about the screen, everything around is black, then I see the curvature.  A planet?  It's like a black....., everything is black, so the mass in front of the black is barely visible.  But the small, but there's light behind the circle.  Maybe it's controls.  The screen seems to have some association.  Navigation?  No. Craft.  I seem to have too much control.  Two protrusions coming down, there like the legs of of....there's two squares, small.  Calm, like sticks.  They've got a beige color.  And a white square, like, on the bottom.


 I look up to see them.  How am I supposed to know this,  what I'm doing?  How do I know if this is real or not?  I don't understand it.  I don't think I can control.... I don't know what I'm in.  If don't know if I'm in something.  I don't get it.  Why isn't there anything else there? It doesn't seem like it's a movie or...memory bank.  No, I can't confuse it with the thoughts.

[Speaking of the protrusions] Those were tall, they looked like rectangular rods, only a few inches thick and about 3 or 4 feet long.  They're standing upright, they're not on the ground, they're higher above the screen a little bit.   The screen.  It's being held up by something silver, like a U, like a Y, a field goal.  Like a line coming down the middle and holding it up.  It's there and it's silver.  The rods are gold--yellow.  There are lights on the, it looks like the tactical..... I just don't feel deep enough because what comes into view is like a news center.  I don't know if I did that.  It's some kind of a   But it went away.  It's like the Dow-Jones for somebody, those things on the bottom.  Um....


I'm waiting. I'm in the room. I'm in the place.  There's nobody in there.  I don't see anybody.  This thing, this place, this thing that I've been telling you, it comes in a light and it goes away as if something passes or we pass something.  It gives you a visual and it goes away, like it can hide, but the room, very just calm and boring, but it has, looks like a news center all around like TVs, monitors, and counters.  I can't I refuse to confirm, because I don't want my mind to make it up. 

White.  I can't make the ceiling out.  There's white with little black circles.  They're black...holes?  A strip of white.. above me, curling, they go up, they go across and then curve upward.  I can touch the screen.   I hope I'm not doing this to the guy.  I'm not like the guy.  The guy is... he has no idea... but he's so minute.  I don't know if I'm, I'm not......

I thought I saw me touching the screen.  I have to go to the bathroom.  I touched the screen.  I don't know if I'm touching it to feel it.   It's just a screen in the middle of the room with a silver, looks like something I've seen somewhere, like a with drawing, marker.  I have to go to the bathroom.

Besides the man, there's presence on the place, but it's behind.   In the back.  I don't know if they're teaching me or if they're not there and I'm supposed to be there, but I feel kind of .. lord.. and like I'm pulling out comp, making... It's like someone's making me feel that I have to go to the bathroom so I can't talk about it.  I'm getting the feeling that it's being pressured on me pretty badly.   So it's getting really uncomfortable.  I'm not necessarily angry, but I do.... wonder.... but I know that I can do this.


Second Hypnosis Session: May 17, 2004


“Was I supposed to shoot thought a tunnel?  It just felt like it was a [(rib]? to clear through.  I just shot through it.  A clear tube with rings, and the hallway.  I was starting to see a gray background with…. they’re like iron shadows, iron figures, but shadows like a wind, rooster, for the wind in the house.”

Hypnotist: “Like a weather vane?”

 “Right.  But it was really, really close to my eye and the background was sky.  It’s switching between that and the hallway. “

Hypnotist:  “Look at the weather vane with the background of sky.  What else do you see?”

“Nothing.  It’s just an upper atmosphere, gas. I don’t know.  I don’t see the bottom.  Whoa!  OK.  I just flipped and came back.”

Hypnotist: “So where are you now?”

“The storm.  The w.. w.. the weathervane, it’s there like a symbol.  It’s not a symbol.  I got the …. I don’t know what.  All I see is that….I saw the gray background and there’s a hallway with white wooden doors and frames.   They look more like front doors, so….and I feel it shifting the left and the right.” 

Hypnotist:  “Let’s look at the gray sky and the weather vane. Are you close to the weather vane?”

“Yeah, it’s right in front of my eye as if I’m behind it, but I don’t see the whole weather vane. I just see the end of it, to the right. 

Hypnotist: “Where is the weather vane? Is it on a roof?”

“I’m not too sure if it’s a roof, there’s a metal railing that goes on into the …..clouds. Into the fog, or whatever that is.  I don’t know why. Round, oval, O.  I saw…..there are other thoughts that just come and go.” 

“I think I’ve got to go somewhere and look at something.  I am… chimney?  Maybe I came down to the roof from…… lighting, gold electricity.  Is it possible I can be?....  Strange.  I can move around very fast.  Things can ….I could just shoot around, I don’t have to be standing, but uh…..  I keep finding a thought that’s telling me….. What am I supposed to do?  Uh….I feel like,  communication isn’t like that.  It’s just… everything, I don’t know.

Hypnotist: [Relaxing suggestions]  “Go back to the time just before you saw the weather vane.”

“Me coming here.”

Hypnotist: Look and see whether there’s anything more that you can see.”

“ I don’t know. Could be the future.”

 Hypnotist: [Regression suggestions to choose experience]

“It’s hard because the stairs are on the bottom half… the screen… the hallway.  And on the top half there’s something that’s split in half.  So I keep looking up at the split in half part.  I think that…. there’s ….. it’s like a…. who’s controlling this?

Hypnotist: “Is someone there?”

“No. It’s more like I have other thoughts. It’s just the library of records. The doors, I can open any one of them.”

“There’s a thought of the hallway, but at the same time, there’s three or something other thoughts, and one of them seems to be placed, or is being placed as I speak. I can’t find anything missing.  The other visuals are splitting up the…I just get this, more like impressions, they just block me, they just attract me to thinking.  I don’t understand it.  It’s like… range.  I can go wherever you want me to go. It’s just…”

Hypnotist: [Removes block.  Suggests going to teenage experience.]

“I can already be there. I’m just lying there in the bed.  There’s a skip to …..I don’t hear the whole thing… I just hear it come into….it just sounds like… it gets white and then I hear the chopper sound like a swishing at the end… the pitch goes higher…and it just sounds like I put my ear to a conch shell.  I don’t know if I open the door.  I don’t know if someone came in.  They’re always watching me.  I think that they’re training… because I go to these thoughts and they….. why do I say ‘they’ for?  I don’t really see after that, but I (cool!) can jump, not that I’m trying to but I keep picturing that.”

“Trees. Shadows of trees on the ground.  The clearing.  Heavy.  That forest, that forest.  Is it a base?  Military base?  I don’t know why, when I’m thinking double, like two at the same time, parallel.  Maybe I’m not who I am.  Yeah, OK. That’s grass.  It’s like if I’m being used for something.  It’s just silly.  Some kind of being is just putting me there and me creeping along beside the base… there’s a box, a red box and I see, like, me from the outside.  I’m following myself.  And I’m looking down over my shoulder a few feet away, three or four feet away behind myself but I see it with a reddish glow, maybe there’s emergency lights going off very red, or auxiliary power.  We interrupted the power.  There is… it’s a weird base, I don’t know, concrete wall on the bottom with barbed wire or something along the top of the concrete wall. 

 There’s nothing else around and they’re waiting for me to get back into the ship or something. (Laughs) Or the whatever.  I don’t think it’s mind control.  Maybe…. I just want to see it.   Uh… I guess this is me looking at a thought.  There’s red, oh, flash in the distance.  This is where they keep me, and this is where I live.  Not the forest.  Huh!  I don’t know where… oh I could just go up, OK.  The treetops a little higher, there’s mountains back there.  There’s a whitish glow, might be the moon. Just rising.  I freely can move around.  This is cool.  Maybe that’s not such a good idea.  My nose itches.  I can scratch my nose, all right?  [Scratches it.] The middle of nowhere.  I can move through the air if I want, but it gets hot. 

Hypnotist: “What gets hot?”

“Moving through the air.  It’s a different energy or something .. to use.  I couldn’t be working together with some weirdos from another planet….It’s like the last time, like training.  Oh, there’s a hand! Hand on the control …pinky and thumb on my left hand, there’s a white button under each finger…and they went away…  I think that... this is not a past thought is it? Is it?  Yeah.  Where was I?  In a room?” 

“I’m always being watched. Observed.  But it’s harmless to me, to anyone, I think, but I think it’s training or something.  No, maybe it’s not, it’s just showing me what I…have?.....what I….they…they…  funny.  Cause I can’t see them or him or, you know you see like transparent visuals or some things that go by.  I try to think of the source.  Pinpoint the pentagon, octagon.  You know it’s just…(indistinguishable) I heard the noise, the light, I ….back to the room.  Might just sit on the floor because I sleep in that room with the mattress on the floor. 

“My mind is seeing everything that you’d want it to see except for the fact that I’d have to start over clean.   Everything I can pull up at will and I can hold in a freeze-frame.  I can’t really do that with the ..station or whatever that facility is, some power facility.  It’s not nuclear.  It’s just something in the middle of the woods somewhere.  England?  It’s just countryside but it’s forest-y.  There’s some kind of base they must have out there, some power, auxiliary thing.  I don’t hear any generators.  Just the buzz of the red light.”

“What I feel like is… well.. maybe, now I have the feeling of going to the bathroom again, so I purposely froze everything that’s going on, but the feeling of them working through me, being used it’s more like the feeling getting is… like they give you a little nudge and push you forward and tell you “GO!” Like they showed me… I guess they must have showed me or planted in me or something, the thoughts, the skills.  I don’t know what the purpose is right now.”

“It’s more like being observed more than used; more like being put there and then giving you a little nudge like, “No, use what we showed you.” I don’t remember them showing me anything.  I just say ‘them’ because it could be anybody.  Even though I don’t think it’s normal.  I don’t think humans can float in some kind of pancake.”

 Hypnotist: Were you able to see these beings?

“No, because, I’m trying to block the thought of going to the bathroom. I don’t understand. I see two types of beings… one is beige and the other is very tall and black, but I don’t see the black one.  The beige ones are kind of like…people, little people.” 



Hypnotic Session August 18, 2004,

[From notes]

Alex: Command center like Houston ---clear glass---railing---clear glass---desks—glass barrier.  Monitors.  Not as big as Houston.  Eye level glass – screen on ship.  Individual P.C. ones.  Monitors ---blue plasma --  background screen.  Thought I saw a guy toward the door, a military guy in mud green, like in the 40’s.  P.C., wrong place. Flashes black and white, veiny looking thing, --fossil—corruption?  Air traffic control.  Round room, 2 doors in front. go through doors, bluish-grayish – white hallway Left or Right.  Right wall with a thing on it.  Doors left and right, brown, straight hall.  Left is an elevator to right----high floor #6 symbol – stairs, a regular building.


[From tape] Thoughts of being inside another building, it keeps flip-flopping what I can see, it’s like it’s on a different frequency, like it’s shifting, so we go on the outside, the stairs are wrapped like if you go outside the front door of the building.  The lobby is just a regular big lobby; it has the guy in the middle.  The desk in the middle of the lobby.  He’s like Hispanic, he’s got short, brown hair, very very short actually, smiley kind of guy, no it’s black, black hair, black eyebrows, clean shaven; I don’t think he sees me. 

Hypnotist: Do you see any signs around to tell you the name of this building?

Alex: No, I just see, it’s just constantly trying to view the place.  I don’t know if I can ask that guy, either.  I don’t know if I’m on the same wave as him.  It’s like as if  he looks over this way, but he doesn’t even see me.  But, outside, if I look I can see the stairs go down.  They have stairs like the courthouse but it wraps around the front of building sort of in a semi-circle. And there’s a street out front…

Hypnotist: Can you see what street it is?

Alex:  Mao, mam, mao … I can’t make anything out.  Ay, hundred, ….. golden trim on the building.  It’s marble, the floor’s marble, that’s the way the lobby is.  You know it’s so strange I don’t see a single person on the street. 

Hypnotist: Is it daytime?

Alex:  Um hum.  Trying to see, I don’t have a pass around my neck.  I don’t know if I can determine if I’m an employee, or if I just came down from…. Could be somebody else.  Is it really me?  You know what?  This is like Universal Studios.  It’s like if you were walking down the street in New York, it’s like a fake, like a mockup set, but it looks real and it looks like I’m …. there.  It would be like if they were running operations from the actual mockup set.  Far as I can look I can’t see past these buildings to the left and to the right and down the street.  It ends right there.  You can go left or right.  I don’t know. 

Hypnotist: Are there any kind of signs that you can identify? 

Alex: ….. Nothing. I see a couple of posts, I think I see Stop.  The street is gray, has regular stripes on it.  I don’t know if I’m actually….. I feel like this is somebody else that I’m in, or observing…. who may be ….. maybe this is not now.  Maybe that military guy is… maybe this is from long time ago.  But it seems like this would be before I was born.   I don’t know if that’s it.  I don’t see anybody.  It’s like I’m there in a place that’s…  stationary.  That guy is definitely nervous about something.   This guy, me.

Hypnotist: Which guy?

Alex:  Well, I’m looking through what I thought was me all this time, but I keep pulling back a little bit away from the body.  I’m looking at the back of the head. The back of the head has dark hair, but it doesn’t look like me, the back of my head. Uh, ears sticking out a little bit, really short hair.  I think I might see something like the back of a cord around the back of the neck. Something around the neck.  Uh….. I can’t tell the clothes, and it keeps flipping from regular clothes to lab coat clothes.  Boring, drab clothes.  It just doesn’t seem like I’m really in this era, or something.  But I feel like I’ve got a deal.  It’s either me or the guy.  Nervous.  Looking around. Walk off to the right.  I’m walking behind him, I notice he’s looking left and right, left and right.  Looking around, making sure no one’s looking.  Store with like a white sign; I can’t tell the writing, though; it’s white sign, red writing. It’s big, not like a little sign in a strip mall, those little stores in down town. I can’t tell; this is like a mock-up thing.  Looks like it’s Japanese. 

Hypnotist: Is the writing in English?

Alex: I just flipped to..  I don’t know if I was following this guy, but he just …. I don’t know what he did, but it’s just like…. switched.  I don’t know, he did something and we’re in an auditorium.  And sitting with other people like him.  But it’s the same guy.  So he was looking around, I guess to… Maybe he didn’t want people to see him do this.  So there’s an auditorium, a stage.  There’s nothing on the stage, but there’s a podium on the floor.  Ground level, you know where the first row of seats ….and that might be the guy.   That might be the guy at the podium, but he’s waiting. 

Hypnotist:  Do you see him from the front or the back?

Alex:  I’m looking down at him, but I notice when I look in the rows, in a couple of seats I’m just seeing them pop up, like they’re coming from somewhere else and just popping up.  People.  They look like science people.  He holds up something in his hand, the guy, with the suit… with the uniform.  Oh! It’s a red star on a white card, with a red trim around it.  I’m getting the impression….I think… this guy is from another country..  It’s just like I can hear, but he’s not really talking.  Or he’s talking, saying…. Huh! There’s people in the rows, I’m like in the 4th or 5th row behind that same guy.  He holds up the panel again, for the card, big, big, not big big, it’s like flash card size, a little bigger.  Or the size of a legal pad, really, because he’s at a distance.  I have a free-floating perspective.  I don’t have to be…. Oooo I just saw like a long skinny neck.  One of these people are weird that I just passed by,  OK, long, skinny neck, it looks weird, the back of his head is, he’s missing hair, a lot of hair on the back of his head, very very skinny little hairs like they’re falling out.  He’s been exposed to something or just freaky.  I’m going to go to the next person.  The people look normal.   There are mostly men.  I’m trying not to add to this, because I….the woman behind the guy with the suit, with the military uniform.  There’s a woman to his left.  It’s like a court room stand; she’s sitting in one of those chairs where you sit down and testify… OK so, she’s like redheadish, she’s really pretty.  So the guy, be might be Russian, or Bulgarian, I don’t know what that is. 

Hypnotist: Is that the one who’s holding up the sign?

Alex:  Yeah, yeah.  The scientists look mostly American.  They’re talking amongst themselves.  They’re really staring at this guy.  This is obviously a program of some sort.  It’s not acting class.  Some guys are raising their hand.  That guy uses the same language.  I just felt like my balance shifted off to the right, like I was on a cruise ship. 

 [From notes]

Alex: The man who held up the card walked away through the back door and I followed him.  There was garbage and snow…..a dirt road in the mountain.  Walking ….I’m not walking…. behind him.  There is a bridge, a stream of water, a log cabin.  He goes in the door.  There is a gold person inside.  Doesn’t he see the gold person?  Is it a statue?  It can look at me.  Stove?  The gold person has a round head.  It is in plain sight to me.


 “What am I?”, I ask it.  I walk up to it.  It is hunched over.  It was peeking around the opening of the hallway.  There is a room in back of the hallway with a reddish light.  There is like a split pyramid with an H in the middle and a black dot outside the corners of the two vertical lines.    The thing itself is dark.  Stairs.  The window is open, there is a breeze.  The guy is unaware of it.  Deal.  “Horizami” or “Hozamei.” The man in the kitchen looks like he is from the US.  A dark green uniform; marines?  Patches of yellow, red, brown.  Smaller group of pins.  Two stars…. Roderick O'Malley….?

There is a flash of cells in a strand in my eye.  I am fresh. New—Omega.  area—hangar.  Nice outside.  No snow—spring.  Trees, rolling hills.  There is an operation. a deal.  People whipped up concoctions for experimental people.  Monitor.

[Couch at entrance to house.]

Back at garbage bin.  There is a guy with a black vest and red shirt. A “donor”.  He has a healthy physique… on or off job.  He walks in the door.  There is a desk and interview tables with women.  The guy walked in.  It is boring, like a FEMA place, but more cozy.  Just talk.  The guy is waiting; he has on jeans, hiking boots.  The woman is pretty, a dirty blonde with a little curl in her hair, a waitress uniform, a brownish apron.  Half auditorium, glass.  The frame is dome shaped. 

Wow! I slipped in deeper!  I was told they went somewhere else.  A lot more relaxed.  Tense being over there.  Quietness……….

[Suggestions to go back to time he saw symbols]

There is a screen and symbols at the top left corner there is a video of an Asian woman.  There are two rows running behind, one slower.  There is an interchange.  The language is moving by at a fast pace, behind it the slower one.  They synchronize to make symbols and it lights up white as if selecting.  In the middle there is like a W or W’s on their sides.  I can walk across the thing.  There is like a hallway to the left.  Blades, black and yellow striped.  A helicopter.  A pole in the ground five feet high.  Like a blue mosquito, small.  It floats up and turns around.  Ledge there. 

[Asked if there were any aliens present.]

Alex: I don’t see any.

[Suggestions to go back to incident at age 3 when taken by two men in a car.]

Alex: Looking through a camera moving around.  Guard rail.  Grey house.  Brick wall—gate—light fixtures ---draw crystal.  They’re checking up on me.  Nice.  Took me into this place.  One guy joked to the other, “He’s God’s child”.  Why do we have to do this?  Cursing.  Experiment.  Might be calling “God” an operation.  Two men not facing.  I’m by the door.  He patted my head, “Poor kid.”  They’re characters, outside guys.

“Right arm (grabs it) feels like it is hyperextended.”  That’s the effect that I have.  That view that I can do freely, like a camera.  The impression of the whole world going on – my vision … weird.  I think about it a lot. Can’t be explained.  Monitor? Seer?  Waiting.  I can’t get to anything that makes ….. Triangle pyramid… able to lift it.  Not big.  Two stories. 

Light blue hose.  Follow it.  Snow.  It goes to the left.  Device in the mountains.  Cove or cave.  Smooth.  Looks like a pink gem inside.  Hose hooks to brass thing.  There is a lake.  Ruins?  No.  Underwater erosion up higher.  Cool.  Triangular shape.  I’m a kid.  White sky.  Flashing.  There is a blob with a strange shape, transparent to white.  I’m a kid.  Isolated.  The house, foster parents?  I can’t think as far back.  It’s like a castle of ancient times but a brick house like the 1800s. Weird. Walking. Where is Mika?  I can’t be the only one.  It’s like a glacier peak, a very small peak. [Sketch of this scene.]

[Asked who Mika was]

Alex:  Mika was my neighbor.  She was with me when I fell and cut my lip.  There were fires on the carpet around me.  My sister had to put them out.

[Session concluded.]

Note: Only part of the tape was clear enough to be heard.  The sketches were made after the session.


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