Sylvia and Possible Alien Videotape

May 1, 2008

On April 16, 2008, Sylvia and her two companions, Virginia   and Mary  spent a night at a hotel in Central Florida. The hotel was reputed to be haunted and Sylvia wanted to capture some ghost images with her camcorder. Some footage of the room was taken and then an infra-red camera setting was used and the camera was set on a stand about three feet above the floor to photograph the area after the women fell asleep. The women had some difficulty falling asleep, finally dropping off at about 1:30 A.M. At 3:00 A.M. all of the women got up to use the bathroom, one at a time. The tape does not show any of the women passing in front of the camera, but sometime after 1:30 A.M. the filming was apparently turned off and what appears to be an arm and body appear for about 8 seconds on the tape just before it ends. All of the women remember Sylvia turning off and unplugging the camera the next morning because she had to reach under some furniture to do so. Later in the day, Sylvia discovered red marks on her thighs. White lines are still visible on her thighs on digital photographs.

The women had previously been to Eureka Springs to a UFO Conference. Both Virginia and Mary were interested in UFOs but they said Sylvia was not; she was interested in ghosts and paranormal occurrences because she had experienced them all her life. At the conference Sylvia saw one figure to the left of each of the two screens on which visual material was projected, but no one else saw the figures. According to Sylvia these figures were bald. She saw them only from the waist up. Sylvia said that she would draw the figures and send them to me for this report.

Contrary to her avowed disinterest in UFOs or aliens, when questioned Sylvia showed a number of indicators of alien contact. At the hotel Sylvia sensed a presence before the women went to sleep. On the tape she is heard to say, "There is someone here." At the hotel she dreamed that she was lying screaming and no one was helping her. When she was a child she saw" little aliens" in her room. She has been paralyzed in her bed and has screamed without any sound being emitted. She had one serious nose bleed. She has frightening dreams of surgery. She once saw a glowing globe in her room by her closet. She is afraid of her closet and although she is certain she closes it at night, she often awakes to find it open. She once awoke with a red mark on the back of her neck. She has a lump in the outer ear which the doctor said is "flesh". She has dreamed of a little alien. She has had red "scratches" on her thighs several times previous to the Cassadaga stay. She has awakened nauseated with her underwear inside out. She often has a feeling of being watched.

Sylvia’s mother "believed" in UFOs and told Sylvia that at one time she had seen a beam of light that "bounced" and took Sylvia’s baby brother. A being appeared that had three eyes, one in the center of its forehead. This being handed the mother the baby, after which the light dissipated.

In Gettysburg Sylvia found five tiny pieces of "bone" in her pocket. According to Sylvia the pieces keep disappearing so that now she has only two. She has sent one of these to me for analysis.

Sylvia has had many psychic occurrences in her life including "seeing" her grandson sitting in a chair in her house and later finding that he had been seriously ill. She "saw" a slot machine and the number on it and knew that her husband had won at a casino, miles away. Later his picture was in the paper at the casino and the number on the slot machine was the same as that which Sylvia had "seen."

Sylvia suffers from fibromyalgia and insomnia, sleeping only two to four hours each night.

According to Mary when the film was reviewed she and Virginia thought that the unknown image on the film could be that of a grey alien. Sylvia, however didn’t know what a "grey" was.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee has been contacted for analysis of the videotape. Jeff Sainio was also contacted at the request of Dr. Maccabee.

June 9, 2008

Virginia called to tell me about Sylvia. She said that Sylvia was "afraid of things", snakes being one thing mentioned. Virginia mentioned that Sylvia had worn clothes to bed until age 40 because the "wanted to be ready". Sylvia has lately taken to wearing clothes to bed again, "but she wears pajamas now". Virginia also mentioned that their trip from Eureka Springs took 16 hours when it should have taken 8 hours. They left the town of Hamilton at 7:30 A.M. and arrived in Jacksonville at 11:00 P.M. They found themselves in a strange location and had to turn around. Virginia believes that they had "missing time".

June 10, 2008

DVD mailed to Bill Puckett, head of UFOs Northwest web site in Washington State.

Mary Margaret Zimmer FL ASD, FI, SSD


Image of  possible entity in Central Florida Hotel.

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Possible arm of entity turning off camcorder in Central Florida Hotel April 17, 2008


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