Mikala came for hypnosis because she had been having trouble sleeping and had found unexplained marks on her body. She often awoke exhausted.  She had some memories of a beam of light and of squeezing the arm of a strange being. 

September 13, 2010. Hypnosis session.

(Crying) It's dark and it's cold and there's a lot of  little hands... carrying me...over their heads and I kind of smell sulfur. It's dark, but not like ours.  I don't see any stars. It's very weird. Straight ahead.  It's flat.  Like a mountain straight ahead. I'm trying to get away, I'm trying to move but I can't.  I'm reaching down and grabbing one of their arms. I can squeeze their arm, but I can't move my body. And there's a mountain....it's getting closer but it's not a mountain; it looks like a building now. A big metal building. And it's tall and large and on it ...I don't know how I got into the building.  I can't see anything.  All I see is white light.  Bright white light.  I can't see anything else. I don't know where I am. I think I'm alone.  I can't see anything.  I'm lying down.  Just white light.  Not scared any more. I  have to close my eyes because the light's too bright.  Smells clean.  Doesn't smell bad. Hard..  I'm lying on something hard.  I want to get up and I can't move. I can't get up.  I don't see anything.  I'm alone.   

Scared again.  I don't know where I am. There's nothing on the wall, the light's bright. The walls are gray metal.  I'm lying on a metal bed.  It's hard.  I want to go back home.  (Crying) I can't move and I want to go home. I'm by myself.  (Crying)  Something touched me.  Cold. It was a hand. Touched my arm.  Curious.  It ran out.  Curious little eyes looking at me.  Almost like a child.  He's gone. I don't know why I'm here.  I can lift my head and look around.  Lights.. coming from something above me.  The light's getting dimmer now.

There are four more things coming toward me... with big eyes.  They want me to come with them. Not scared.  There's something open over there.  It's a door.  There's more white light on the other side of it. They took my hand and they want me to get up and come with them. I'm getting off the table. The table is high.  I'm cold.  I don't have shoes.  I have a pink nightgown on.  They want me to go play with them.  Play a game.  There are four of them.  Their hands are so cold. I'm cold.  I don't know.  Going into a hallway with lights.  Cold.  No windows.  Everything is metal. They're not cold.  They don't have any clothes.  They're short.  Come up above my hips.  They're like little children.  They want to play, but I don't know what they want to play.

I don't want to play.  I want to go home.  One of them wants to know why I'm wearing my nightgown and he's tugging on it, pulling on it.  They don't understand.  (Crying) I miss my kids ..... I just want to go home.  But I can't go home.  They don't care what I want.  Can't go. They're pulling me.  Walking.  I don't know where I'm going. I can't see where I'm going. .... They're laughing and they're happy.  They're dancing and jumping and trying to get me to come with them.  I don't want to go with them.  The end of the hallway.  Another door opens, but there's no light.  Dark.  I don't like the dark.  I don't want to go.  Trying to stay in the hallway.  Pushing me from behind now.  I'm inside the room.  It has wooden floors.  Lights coming up.  Wooden walls. like a cabin. But there's a metal table in the middle of it. There's a hutch, kind of like my grandma's house. There are certain things from her house I remember.  One other person.  It's not him.  It looks like him, but it's not.  Something different.  He's working on something on the wall. ... Some lights, some buttons.  Pushing the buttons.  .... My dad, but it's not him.  He's turning to face me.... (sigh)  His eyes are too small; it's not him.  He wants me to lay on the table.  My dad doesn't like me.  Wants to look like my dad....Just to make me comfortable.

  I'm strapped down.  I don't want to be strapped down. Just playing a game.  I don't want to be here.  I want to go back home.  ..Touching me, on my legs.  (Crying) I don't know.  (Deepening) The table to the side.  Sharp metal. He's lifting...touching it to the left leg.  I'm crying.  My arms are tied down. Trying to get up. He's laughing, but there's no mouth.  I hear everything in my brain.  His thoughts are in my brain.  .....Nothing else.  He cut my leg, but there's no mark now.  There should be a mark.  Should be bleeding.  Finished... walks away.  I'm by myself.  Tied down.  Cold. I'm on a cold metal table.  Everything's dark.  I don't like the dark.  Cold and dark.

We're out of it now.  I'm playing with the four little "children". Little kids who want to play Ring Around the Rosy.  Happy.  (Crying)  I'd rather play with my kids. White round. White metal and there's a bench on one side and there's a window.  I'm looking out the window.  There's nothing out there. Black. Cold.  I touched the window and it's cold.  Black.  Cold.  They want me to come away from the window.  They're not bad; they just want to play.  They're touching me.  Their hands are puffy, soft, squishy.


 Like Knox Blocks.  ...I don't want to look at their faces! They have no soul!...  They're not wearing any clothing.  I have played with them before.  They know me.  They like being with me.  I can tell what they're thinking.  They played with me before when I was little.  I was their height once.  I grew.  How much taller will you grow?  One of them likes my bones.  Keeps squeezing my arm to feel my bones.  He doesn't have bones like I do. I squeeze his arm and I don't feel anything.  I want to go back.  I'm going back.  I'll be back in bed soon. They're done.  They want me to go back now.  Tired. It'll be morning soon; I have to get some sleep. I'll be tired tomorrow.  They said they'll see me again.  They put me back.  

(Back to room with father/being) Nothing. Nothing happens.  It's hard to see.  Something on her head like a Chinese hat, like a cup on her head.  There's a flashing light on the hat.  It's red.  He wanted me to memorize.  He put it in my head. He wanted me to remember it.  Little white dots on it. A picture A map.  One day I'll have to find my way with the map.  Somewhere.  I remember the map.

 I'm just lying in the dark with something on my head.  Memorize star chart.  ..how am I going to know how to get to that place?  I don't know.  I want them to take someone else to go to that place.  I don't want to do it, because what if I get lost?  I won't know where I am.  I'm scared I'll get lost. I don't want to get lost.  Far away from home.

The little "children" come in and they take the thing off my head and they grab me. They want me to come with them.  He left. (The other being) They push a button and the straps come off my wrists and my legs and they bring me down. So tired.  I just want to go back to bed.  There's no front door.  No way to get out.  Just have to go with them. Otherwise you don't know where you are.  But they're not there.  The door just opens up.  They're gone now. But they know where they're going.  That's strange.  They want me to go home.  I'm in bed.  They told me it was time to go home.  I just want to stay in bed.  Sad. (Crying) They said they'd see me again.  I don't want to see them any more.  I don't want them to touch me any more.  It's not right.  Shouldn't do that.  Anthony is in bed next to me.  He never wakes up.  He won't wake up. 



December 6, 2010, Hypnosis session.

There's three of them standing together, long robes, so long I don't see their hands.  Just looking at me.  They are not doing anything.  Looking at each other and nodding their heads like they're talking. I wake up and I get up.  I don't see them any more when I get up. They were gone when I started waking up.  (Yawns)


[Hypnotist asks her to go back to the recent time she saw phosphorescence on her pillow under the black light.]

Something sat on the pillow, touching my head.  Funny looking.  It is very little. Didn't have any hair, reminds me of a troll or elf something.  Ears pointy at the top, mischievous.  Seemed to talk in a sharp, pointed language, high pitched.  He's talking to someone.  There are more people in there, too.  Three more, bigger than him. I just see their bodies, but I can't see their face.  They just look at me.  He's a funny-looking little creature, Thin legs.  Reminds me of a cootie with elf-like ears.  He's not wearing any clothes. He's talking real fast to the other ones.  He's aggravated or upset. 

 They're gone.  I reached my arm up to see if he's still there and he's not.  And I grab my pillow and fold my pillow and go back to sleep. 

[Asked by hypnotist to go to a significant time in her life.]

I have been watched since I was little.  I was scared.  Four years old.  In my bedroom.  They want to play.  I showed them how to build blocks, my dolls.  But don't tell!  Can't tell.  We just played, that's all.  It was better than sleeping.  They said they'd be back.  That was in [a city in south Florida]. In [a city in central Florid] I see things a lot. My parents don't believe me.  I never feel like I'm alone.  Someone's always watching. Someone's always there.

[Asked by hypnotist to go to the next thing she remembers.]

 Always scared of the dark, to get up. Scared of what's in the closet.  Something might grab my ankle, under the bed.

I see dead people.  They come and they talk to me. I'm the only one that can see them. They try to tell me things that I don't understand all the time. They're warning me.  Sometimes I can't hear them.  But they're dead.  They're spirits.  Some are little kids, some adults.  [Anyone that you knew?]  No.

[Asked by hypnotist to regress to anything important.]

Light through the window. I was scared before I wake up; I wake up because I'm scared. I can't move.  Then I can move.  The light's on me.  I'm scared, I want to scream, but I can't. I could look out the window to see what it is, but I don't want to.  I'm scared what might be there. I know it's there but I don't want to know about it. The light is staying on me for a long time.  Could be an airplane. It's the second floor.  I don't want to know.  Too scared to know.  [Where are you now?] Cooper City.  I moved there to marry Steve.  We're in single beds.  I could go over and try to wake him up.  He won't wake up.  The light's on me still.  I'm scared to walk, to look out the window.  I just hug him and I cry. When I wake up it's all over.  It was the same in San Diego.  I have to get up.  A fire watch at 5:30 in the morning.  (Coughing.) [What is causing this choking feeling?] I don't know. (More coughing.) I can't turn the alarm off. (More coughing.) I think I was coming back.  [Where had you been?] I see a silver ship. Like when I died and had a near-death experience. Traveling through the light, but I don't know where I'm going.  Into the silver ship.

 On the floor. Don't know if I can remember. [What is on the floor?] Just me.  It's dark.  Just a spotlight. The air is different.  I'm having trouble breathing.  The door opens and there is light.  Fills up with air.  I gasp for air. There is a yellow light. I hear someone.  He's thin, like a Gumby.  He's standing there. 


[Post-hypnotic memory]

Two other "Gumby" creatures appeared with a silver metal stretcher on wheels. 

They wheeled me quickly on a stretcher down a long hallway into a room like an operating room.  They proceeded to stick something down my throat and into what felt like my stomach.  Then they stuck a tube like device up into my vagina.  This was painful and I felt a needle-like prickling sensation inside of me. 

Everything was done very quickly and then I was quickly sent back to my bed.

After hypnosis, Mikala's husband Anthony set up a video camera in the bedroom.  For three months Mikala has had no nightly disturbances and has slept better.  The camera used was  Sony Handycam HD
                                  HDR-XR550             (with Nightshot)

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