Libby requested hypnosis because of liquid and blood emanating from her left ear and a large bump on her abdomen which turned into a bruise.  Doctors had not been able to find a reason for these physical problems.  Libby also awoke with scratches on her back, for which there was no apparent cause. 

Second Hypnosis session: November 26, 2010

Smoke. Can't see.  Smoke...table.  Three males...covered....faces...humans. Covered heads.  See eyes.  Gray cover. One to the right and two to the left. Small, knees covered.  One to the left, finger is long.  He has something in it --a light.  I'm covered.  Smoke.  Head tilted to the right.  Doesn't make sense.  Something in left ear -- machine, long machine.  Throat hurts  If I don't move, it won't hurt.  Something in neck, going deep.  It hurts.  Someone is putting something in my left ear.  No blood. Tiny chip. Beacon. Other people all on tables.  Twelve of them, crying.  Adults.  It's a laboratory with lines on top.  I can't see the walls.  The humans look like surgeons.  They look alike with a big nose, big long eyebrows, very thick together and small eyes.  Their mouths are small, thin lips. 

The other creatures are smaller, their bodies are brown, no hair, long hands, four fingers, eyes, big.  No soul.  Empty. 

They don't care about pain.  The humans don't either.  Don't move; it won't hurt that way.  Libby is still.  She is angry. They want her to hurt but she's still.  She plays with them.  It's not going to hurt.  The others hurt. She doesn't suffer.  They like suffering.

They walk away. [The "humans" and aliens] No one is there.  She gets up and helps the others get up.  They are confused.  "We don't know how to get back." Calm them. They are underground; the walls are rock. It is wet and humid. They lift her up and take her from the [place]. They are like pods. She is inside. Her body turns into sparkles of light and then back again.

She gets up and goes to the bathroom.  She is home.

 Asked by hypnotist to find the cause of a large bump and bruise on her abdomen

[It is another time.] They took something from my stomach with a needle. They wanted liquid but I don't know why. They didn't tie her hands well enough.  The body is still. Take the buckles off. The body gets loose. Confused, she hit the side of the table and stumbled.  She hits her abdomen.  Body hurts.  Brown things. [Creatures] Lots of people, humans standing looking, putting things into people.  I got to help the others. Transported back in pods.  Dark, very dark. You disappear from pod and reappear; transport back to bedroom.  I have a bruise now. 

Asked by hypnotist to find the cause of scratches on her back.

A human woman, very scared.  She gave the scratches.  They take her.  "Humans" holding her head, one on right, on on the left. She is upset. Other people screaming. Her nose! Don't put it in her nose! They are confusing her.  There is a disturbance. I'm loose. Woman scratches my body. She thinks I'm one of "them".  They put something in them, but not me.  Back in pods.  Back in room.

A laboratory was seen underground.

Stuff in bottles. Liquid.  Something looks like a a hoof, but pink.  A head, not a head, white and yellow. Body cold. Smells bad, like body flesh. They are putting things in long metal.....


[She did not want to look at the bottles, but wants to go back and see what is in the laboratory.  She believes that the brown creatures were robots because they had metal that showed through the brown covering. The tips of their long fingers had green lights on them. They had "no soul". They seemed to be in charge of the "human" doctors. ]

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