On November 1, 2009, Jane wrote:

I was watching my dogs in the yard behind tinted sliding doors when I observed a round black UFO hovering above the street light on the next block over from me.I was really startled when two puffs of white-smoke like substance emitted from the side or back. I couldn't tell which. It was one puff. then a small UFO emerged from the smoke. Then a second one emerged from the smoke. I was stunned.I couldn't see what happened to the small UFOs; they dropped off behind some trees. Then the large UFO moved about five miles an hour over my home,no noise, not a whisper.It remained the same height as the street light pole,not going up or down.The material looked very matte and finely lined in a circular pattern. It was beautiful very velvety looking black. It was very low over the building I was in.

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Also, is their someone I can contact about a small approximately four foot alien standing in my bedroom.I sat up looked and it just disappeared.


She saw the alien in September and has not slept well since then. She described the alien as wearing lime green and having a tube going into its belt. She could not see the face clearly. She said that the alien seemed to be looking at her pet bird, which chirped loudly, but when Jane turned her head, the alien disappeared.

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