November 7, 2009. Brenda saw a green, blue and clear flash in the window for an instant.  She has seen these colors before in a force field that surrounded her in the winter of 1988 or 1990 on the Space Coast.


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November 20, 2009  She was watching TV between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM when a gray figure appeared in the window by her chair.  She does not know if there was any missing time. It is seven feet from the  top of the being's head  to the ground by the window.  Since this sighting  Brenda has been counting steps to her mail box . 

On Saturday October 25, 2009  after a rainy day the clouds were finally clearing.  There were only a few clouds over the Gulf of Mexico. Brenda was out with her dogs for a break when she saw a dark black cloud like a Y sideways. A flash caught her eye.  It was a yellowish gold  orb (could have been reflecting the sun) skimming back and forth   in a figure 8 on the bottom side of the cloud.  After about three loops it was gone.

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September   14, 2009.Brenda was outside with her dogs  when she noticed a "star "with flashing red facets  and black between the facets.  She also caught a  glimpse of a smaller star with the same blinking frequency  in the distance.  She felt as though the star was reflecting  the anger  she felt at her dogs who were racing around and being unruly.  The sight of the "star" gave Brenda a chilling sensation and for over a month she feared to go outside.

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On   December  8, 2009 Brenda was looking out her living room window at steely gray clouds when she saw a craft that blended into the clouds but still was discernable.

UFODec809BR084.jpg (489308 bytes)

Whenever Brenda closes her eyes she sees this image with a square jaw, thick nect and sharp angles on the jaw, chin, and cheeks. 

FaceDec709BR085.jpg (658231 bytes)


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