Anthony had some memories of a being with large eyes on top of its head. It was standing near a jet plane.  Anthony also remembered a dark crescent-shaped ship that flew sideways and had "mustard colored" circles.

[Hypnosis session December 6, 2010]

I realized that I was not asleep.  I was actually being pulled out of my bed, and I could not believe it.  And even in my thoughts I thought "Your fool!"  "You looked into it for so long and now they're taking you!"  I feel very heavy and big. Like my hands are made of rocks, like giant rocks.  My head is like it's the size of a boulder. My lips feel like they're giant, large and heavy.  I don't think I got out of the bed, I was only starting.  Like I woke up and screamed and after I woke up, it felt like I saw...eyes.  (Unintelligible) Low forehead. I don't know why I don't see him.

Weird looking guy there. I remember a guy walking down a ramp and I was walking down something facing the jet. He turned around and looked at me.  His eyes projected toward my face.  It looked like he was touching my face and all I see is just a black void with just little specks in it of light. He's completely overwhelmed my brain.  It's not scary, it's just like I have no brain.  Like he's in my brain.  I cannot see him. "You think you're so bad, Anthony, look what I just did to you."  Like I have no control, he can see my inner thoughts and everything.  And he has weird eyes on the top of his head, I've never seen eyes like that.  A weird head, not like an alien head in a book or something.  I can't even describe it.  His eyes are on the top of his head, like and insect, but he's not an insect. And they're weird.  They're white.  They're not black.  It's like the whole head is his eyes. It's a weird face, a weird guy.

The plane doesn't look like a plane; it looks like something else.  Silver thing.  It's not a plane. He's got an idea.  Who is this guy.  This guy's not right. (Loudly) He's not a person.  Like a UFO, but it's not a UFO. Shiny, silver, going to get into.  Not scary at all......He looks ridiculous. He looks into my eyes and points his eyes into my eyes, and I have absolutely no control. I don't really mind it.  Strange feeling, like an empty void.   He's bald from the back and he's got a weird head.  He has eyes on the top of his head. He's got a collar, looks like a straight robe with a collar.  Padded up to his neck, no neck, it's where his head is.  He's getting on the "plane", it's not really a plane, just sitting there with the nose to the left. The nose isn't a nose, it's just a part of the thing that is too silvery to be any kind of airplane.  It's daytime.  Wherever this is, it's not night.  Weird guy. He just looks ridiculous.  He could never walk anywhere in public. 


There's something to my right.  Let me look.  He's doing something. He has a hand that has a thumb that's on his arm.  He's got a long hand with a thumb sticking out of his forearm. What's he doing, is he doing something?  He's got other people that work for him, I think. They don't have clothes on, and they've got an arm that has a thumb past where their hand should be.  It's too skinny to be a little finger and their arm looks like it's white. Nobody can take them seriously in our society.  It's like a residual thumb.  It's like a knob on their hand.      

  I can't see their faces so I don't know.  It just looks like their heads are like a triangle shape. I'm not scared of these guys at all.  They're not mean guys.  He's more the mean guy.  He knows everything.  He's the director with a robe on and a cloak or something.  He's telling the other ones what to do.  I think I can see their faces now, no I can't really see it.  They're not that little, they're actually taller like him. About as tall as me, and he is taller.  They don't understand us.  They're not bad guys, but they're weird.  They're not alien, they're something else.  They're not even scary, they're just ... They're there. 


Something grabs ... inside of my left hand, he grabs my hand. He puts his two fingers between my hand and my thumb. And it's kind of coldish.. he's got a cold hand.  Not really cold like you and I are cold.  Different.  Like plastic or metal or something.  He touched the inside of my leg I think. I don't see the purpose in all this.  Oh, now I see their face, I think.  It is big, gigantic.  I can see the edge of one of their eyes.  I don't think I have pants on.  No pants.  I can feel the back of his hand on the left leg.  It doesn't hurt, doesn't feel good, either. There's no purpose in what he's doing.  Somehow I ended up on my back.  He's telling them what to do and the other guys don't look like him.  Their eyes are lower on their face. I'm not sure, I think their eyes are black


His have pupils and they're giant. He's egocentric.  He wants something.  You frickin guys want something. He's going to get something.  He says "You think you're so smart." I don't know if they like me too much.  They think they're so smart.  They're touching my penis or something; I don't know; I think that's what they did. I felt something touch that.  Did you do that?  Did you touch that? Wants sperm, that's what he wants from me.  Feels like an orgasm, maybe that's what it is.  You're so smart, you want sperm, frickin guys. I think he's got something on my penis, it feels good for a minute, maybe not. It's too fast.  Tubular, long, heart shaped at the front, not really a heart shape, looks like a tube in the wall, and the front looks kind of like a vagina, but it's not a vagina. 


And I think they touched it to my penis. And it takes out something that they need. Is this some machine?  What is this?  Like it's from the wall.  They can bring the wall over to you.  A piece of the wall that they bring close to you.  Then they touch you with something like a heart on your penis. 

 I think they need something from me.  I don't know why they need that.  They work fast.  They don't move fast, they work fast. They need to get things done fast. They have to get things finished.  Have to work fast.  But their heads are not right.  Their heads are too big on the top. There's a different one now, he's got darker eyes and he thinks he's mad. Looks like he's got a V-shaped head, the frickin' weird guy.  His eyes are not mad, but they're just looking downwards.  Dark.  He's a dark-skinned guy, almost black.  He's like a praying mantis, but he's not.  He's a guy.  He's a weird guy, too.  It's interesting.  His skin color is like, green, or purple or black, and his eyes are sticking out from his face.  But you can see how the skin around the eye goes in. Why is his ...?  He's not like the others.  He came over from my left side and he looked at me like, "You're not doing what we want. " He's not a bad guy. 

 None of these are bad guys at all, he's doing his job and he came over to tell me not to talk or something.  What is he trying to say to me?  I don't know if he's gone or not, I just don't see him. He's different from a Praying Mantis.  It's got its own look.  Where the hell are you guys from?  They don't want to tell me anything like that. They have their own agenda.  They know everything; they think they know everything. When he put his hand in my hand, it's not like a regular hand. It's weird, like it's not real.  It doesn't feel the same like a cold hand.  It's different. Like being grabbed by something that you've never grabbed.  He doesn't know how to grab you like another person would grab you.  I think I'm getting turned over for some reason. The surface is like, ... plastic? Like a bed but it's not hard, but not soft, not metal. There's no such thing as padded metal, but that's how I would describe it. It kind of has like a contour that's almost the exact shape and size as my body.  They turn me on my left side, I think.  For some reason they have to do something with me on my stomach and I'm naked.  I don't want to be naked.  I think there's one to my right because I can see his bald head from the back.  I think he has a robe on. He's lifting up my right thigh, and looking at my thigh, I think. Looks like he's talking to someone but I don't hear what he's saying. He's got like a tomato head. It's a weird head.  Stupid. He's doing something between my legs.  I think they have something metal that's long.  He's holding it in his hand. A long device, putting it in my butt or something. 

 I don't think I want them to do this.  What purpose?  It's kind of dumb.  It's not real.  I think there's something next to the table on my left. (Points) I think I can touch it if I reach for it.  I don't know what it is, maybe it's got like a face on it, like mechanical.  It like a square and it's got something on it right here. (Gestures)

It looks like I could touch it and it goes down to the floor, but I can't see the floor.  Then I look around and I can start to see the room I think.  Like a metalish bed.  It's not metal. I can't see anything over there.  I can look up and see a light, I think. I don't see anything over there at all.  The table is longer than my feet.  I think it's plastic made of metal.  It looks like there's a space for my arm.  Those guys are weird.  I'm not sure they put something up my anus or not.  I think he has a long mechanical metal thing that he touched there, but it's skinny.  It's like the size of a pencil.  And it's metal, or silver. 

And I think he touches it.  There might be a doorway that way.  The thing that was on my penis came from over here. (Points) It seems like a dream. 

He turns me back on my back again.  I'm naked for sure. [Unintelligible] He spread my legs apart.  He's examining me with the metal tube again.  I think he touched the metal thing on my testicles, for some reason.  I don't know though, for sure.  It's long and silver.  I can't tell whether it's connected to something.  Felt like a pencil.  It could be two feet long. 

It's the same thing when he touched my butt.  I don't know why he would touch my butt.  There's a high round ceiling with a white light in the middle. It's a pretty bright light. The walls aren't square, they're curved. I've never seen any picture or anything ....

There's a doorway.  I think someone just came in there.  They work together, these guys.  They know each other.  He walks quickly toward my other side.  He's touching my head now.  What do you want from me?  What are you doing.  Touching my head.  I don't want to look at his face for some reason.  They're to be seen but I cannot see them.  Can't see the face clearly, if at all.  They've got their faces covered up so I can't see their faces.  I feel like he's pulling my face back and opening up my right eye.  He's bending over me with some kind of optical equipment, but I can't see.  Looks like a regular optical piece that an optician might use.  It doesn't make any sense because these guys don't look like regular people, kind of.  They look like something else. They have a robe on, or some kind of black outfit.  Looking at my eye for some reason.  I don't know what he's doing in my eye.  He opened it and looked in it.  That was all he did.  The ceiling looks like it's white light.  There's a window over there or something open on that wall, I think now.  It is elongated like an elongated opening.  It's weird because it's long and rounded and flat and it looks out to ...  something black. I can't see through the black, it's just black ... and dark.  I have no idea where he went or if he's even here any more. He might be on the other side, but I can't tell because of the machine or whatever that is that moves.  I think I need to leave this place.  I don't need to be here any more. 

Are they taking me out of the room now? They moved me out on this bed thing out through that doorway.  Feels like we shoot to the right down a hallway or something.  The hallway looks like it's metal.  It's darker, it's not the same way.  We left the room for sure.  I think the room has an archway.  It doesn't have a regular door and I don't know how the door opens. I'm on the bed and I'm naked.  Then they take me down the hallway to the right.  They're preparing me to leave, putting something back on me. Is it a robe?  I can't tell.  I think they're putting my robe on me.  Are they standing me up now?  Feels like I'm going to have to go back to where I was from.  They say I gotta go back, but I didn't hear them say it.  I just know they said it.  I had that robe.  I don't know why I got rid of it.  It's a flannel robe.  I've had two white robes for a long time. I never had a flannel robe since I was younger. I'm standing and these guys are all standing around me and they're shorter than me.  They treat me like I'm some kind of pachyderm or something.  Like an elephant; treat me like "You did a good job." Like you're a beast, like you're some kind of beast or something.  Like a dog.  Like "You did a good job." Their head is not even as high as my head. I feel like I'm rewarded like they're going to give me a pipe.  It's just a strange feeling like, "You did something good." They're putting me in a small area, like a room that's smaller.  It's kind of roundish..


I think they're sitting me down.  I'm sitting down now.  It seems to have a chair in the wall.  It's part of the wall like a corner.  They're crossing my hands like this ..... putting my feet together.  I don't know if this is real. This is a dream.  This can't be real.  This is too weird.


There's like a window.  It's round.  To my right.  I'm being prepared to move somewhere or something.  Not back.  They're done with whatever they needed to... They're putting me in a room to go back to whatever I need to go back to.  I can't describe what I'm feeling.  I have hair. I can see that I have hair because I usually shave my head. I even think I have a goatee.  Yes, I have a goatee.  I'm sitting down, I have a robe on and I'm going to be ejected or something.  And go back, somewhere.  (Loudly, almost crying.) Going back somewhere, I don't know where they're going to put me back!  They're going to put me somewhere! I'm not scared, it's just weird!  There's a chair in the wall! It's a chair in the wall! 

This doesn't exist! I can see space! It's in space because you can see it in the window! AHHHHH !  [Hypnotist gives calming directions]  I'm not sure I'm in orbit because I can't see the earth!  I've reached space and there's a chair in the wall that's part of the wall. But it's not really part of the wall.  They cross my hands and then they leave.  A doorway or something.  It's like a port..  It's a door but it's not any kind of door you'd ever see in your life. It's shaped oval, vertically and there's a window on it.  And it's like the exit except they're not gonna open it.  It's obvious I'm not going to go into space and die, but it's sturdy. Everything is sturdy like it's built into the wall and it's ... The window is thick, like nothing's gonna break that window.  It's solid.  [Hypnotist gives instructions to move ahead to where he is going.]  Let me think.  They put me in a room, they cross my hands, like I'm some kind of beast.  They're not so smart.  And then they leave.  The definitely leave the room.  There's another door over here (points) but it's not the same door as that space door.  (Shouting)  I don't want to go out into space! There's no reason for them...  AHHHHH! Stupid! Space is not a place for us! [Directions to end journey] I don't know where I'm at; I think I'm sitting on my couch at home.  Maybe a leather couch.  Why would I be wearing my robe if I was asleep, though?  I don't remember anything after that room. I was just sitting there.  I think I might be in Colorado on the couch, sitting in the living room in my robe. I think I had a goatee.  I think I'm facing the TV.  What purpose did they have in looking at my butt?  It doesn't make any sense.  I don't feel very relaxed.  I feel like I've been worked on.  I think they're related to that stupid crescent ship.

 (Growing agitated as he recalls the trip)  I was in space in a room with an oval door, sitting in a chair that was in a wall!  OHHH!  And there's a room and it's small!  And they put me there! Nobody has that kind of chair!  I don't like that chair!  (Moaning) AHHHHH  I think their eyes are black! (Calmer) I don't think they're bad, though.  I don't feel any fear.  It's weird! (Becoming agitated again)  I don't think I'm gonna die in space is why I'm crying!   AHHHHHHHH!

[Instructions given to emerge from hypnotic state.]

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