This experiencer is a native of Ecuador but now lives in Miami where  she works full time at a local hospital. She speaks excellent English and  cares for her aging mother.


According to her earliest memories, Anna Maria's experiences began in Ecuador when she was three or four years old in 1957.  She recalls being in her grandmother's back yard by an adobe fence when a being came up behind her.  It was a little taller than she and looked to her like a fly with a big head and slanted eyes.  It moved strangely "as though trying to get used to its body."   The being gave the child a shrunken head and told her to give it to her grandma, which she did.


In 1958 when she was about six   she had a vivid dream of  "dolls" around her.  She seemed to awaken to find three "dolls" standing near her.  She felt a great pressure and was flipped over on her stomach by the "dolls".  Then these "dolls" seemed to merge with her own dolls which were on the window sill.   The next morning Anna told her mother that she did not want her dolls any more and insisted that her mother throw the dolls away.  She even poked her dolls' eyes out with a pencil. After this she never played with dolls again.


At age 22 Anna was driving a car at dusk when she saw a "copperish colored" car with a blue flashing light.   She then saw two aliens to her left.  A "mothership" which seemed to be square and in two sections landed and a door opened.  She remembers seeing strange kinds of aliens, some with "smashed-in skulls" and "visors instead of eyebrows."  She remembers having her arm injected and of being on a table with no clothes on.  A humming sound increased and decreased as a smell similar to mothballs pervaded the place. Three or four beings with long arms and necks were around her looking at her head and nose.  One of the beings turned his back to her, at which time she noticed what appeared to be a line down the back of his head. The beings' hands had no wrinkles; Anna Thinks this may be because they wear a closely fitting uniform over their entire body.  Anna was not afraid of these beings although she received the impression that they felt humans were inferior to them.  She also felt that the beings were here because of nuclear activity on the earth.

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Anna and her friend Terry were driving back from a fair in Wisconsin and exploring different roads when Anna again saw a round copperish ship with a blue light and no windows.  Something inside seemed to wave at her.  Terry appeared to be asleep but Anna went up to the hovering pulsating ship and touched it with her left hand.  As she moved back, light shone into her face.  She got back into her car and woke Terry and they drove home.  Later they tried, but couldn't find the country road again.

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Later, as Anna dreamed about the event, she sees near the ship three human-appearing "Aryan" appearing beings with blue eyes and wearing white.  These beings appear to be benevolent or angelic.   In her dream she sees their auras and hears the message "Gabriel is with us now." 


After Anna married she felt that she was "told" to name her son Michael; she did not know that his birthday on September 29 was Michaelmass Day.  Years later she asked the beings for a physical manifestation of their presence.  Seeing nothing, she went into her son's room to listen to the radio.  She began to hear "dinky little voices" from the radio telling her to  "Put it on 101".  This was a station that Pat seldom listened to, but she did as the voices said.  When the song that was on finished, the next one sung was "I'm going to be in your dreams; I love you very much." Anna felt that this was the physical manifestation that she had requested.




In 1994 Anna told her friend Penny that something was wrong.  Penny laughed and said that she felt fine.   At midnight the same night Penny had to be rushed to Baptist Hospital where she was hospitalized for three days due to kidney stones.  Penny confirmed that this happened and adds that shortly before Christmas she and Anna were sitting in a restaurant where a very tall man was at a nearby table.  Anna told Penny that the man was trying to tell Penny something, however the man did not speak to them.  Later that night the same tall man walked in at Penny's place of employment and served her with a subpoena, informing her that she was being sued.


In late November of 1995 Anna awoke around 5:00 A.M. with her legs dangling over the bed.  Her feet were on the ground but her head was touching the bed.  Her pajama top was pulled around her and the bedclothes were neatly folded over.  Anna remembered that before she went to sleep that night she saw a little while flash move swiftly past her.  Three days later she awoke facing "the other side of the bed".  Her head was on her pillow  at the footboard and the bedclothes were neatly tucked around her.  Her cats who usually sleep with her had vacated the bedroom.

After her dreams, Anna feels exhausted and lethargic.  Once she experienced bleeding from her mouth.

On the night of April 6 Anna dreamed that she was in a cage, similar to the ones where birds are kept.  She had no other memories but awoke the next morning with a red scraped area approximately 2" x 2" on her back.  The area was about 7 inches above the waist and about 4 inches to the right of the spinal column.  Two small white spots were visible in the scrape.   Anna also experienced soreness and watering of her left eye and severe cold symptoms.  On April  9 Anna was well enough to have her picture taken.

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On April 11 1996, Anna was aware of a little white person kneeling by her bed.  She at first thought this little person was her sister, but later realized that it was not.  Anna remembers hearing the phrases: "The son" and "Sleeping".  (Her son was asleep in his bedroom.)

On this night Anna had a dream of being in a large dome-shaped windowless room where many other people, some very tall, were talking about aliens and whether to be afraid of them or not.  The message seemed to be that there was no need to be afraid of these beings, but perhaps she should be afraid of the "greys".

Anna awoke with a headache and when she blew her nose partly dried blood was expelled. 


On June 26, 1996 Anna dreamed of seeing an Asian-appearing man with a large head and wearing a tight-fitting suit.  This man (or being) handed her  a round transparent helmet with two knobs on the bottom.   She was told to put the helmet on her head and then to drive a large yellow truck underwater.  She did this with pride, maneuvering the truck around a pipe that was in the ground.  Beside her was a black woman whom Anna did not know.   Then she felt that a black pipe was put into her mouth and breath was put in or taken out of her.   The "man" told her that he would be back the following night.

When she awoke she noticed drying blood on her left hand, blood in her right ear and also in her nose.  There was a hole in the cartilage between the two nostrils that had not been there the previous day.   Anna experienced no pain from her nostrils or ears.


On July 13, 1966 Anna , her father ,mother and aunt witnessed this strange craft together in Ecuador.  It was about 5:30 in the afternoon, darkness was falling.  The next thing Anna knew was that she was standing alone on the balcony waving and saying "Please don't go!   Please don't go!" The family never mentioned the sighting for 25 years.

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In May of 1999 Anna became very interested in physics and now reads avidly all materials pertaining to the subject.  

She has also begun drawing with her left hand. One of the drawings was of a crashed "saucer" with three aliens coming out of the face of the mountain.  Each alien had a completely different look. This drawing is below.


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Anna says she fears contact with the aliens, but sometimes misses them when they do not seem to be present to her.

Update: September,   2000  Anna Maria dreamed that she was with her friend, Sylvia when both of them saw a UFO.  Sylvia was excited until the UFO turned into a giant bird which plucked her away.  Anna then dreamed that she was in a dirty Mexican-appearing room with Mexican men, one of whom looked like her ex-husband, Jorge.   This man sat on her chest and touched Anna's vagina, but when he turned his head, she could see that it was an alien.

When Anna awoke, her Sleep Series CD was playing a beautiful song with a woman singing.  Later when she played the CD she could not find any woman's voice, or vocal music at all.  A few days later Anna began having bladder infection.  

On arising and preparing to take a shower the same morning, Anna noticed four little marks on her chest in the shape of a semi-circle. 


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