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Lakeland Crescent January 10, 2015 Sightings

Cape Coral Triangle Nov, 12, 2014 Sightings

Boomerang UFO Palm Harbor, Sept 12, 2014  Sightings

Sky Lantern, July 4, 2014  Miami


Delray Beach Entity, Feb. 2006

Sketch by Witness

 Two Black Objects Near Tampa  Sightings

 Ormond Beach Object Appears on Photo, Disappears Sightings

Red Glowing Object Near Homestead April 28, 2014 Sightings

Weird Mist with Object

UFO in UK May 15, 2014 --- from William Puckett




UFO Seen From Plane Dec. 13, 2013 Sightings


Miami Flickering Lights Above Houses Feb. 28, 2014Sightings

It was a Friday. Last day of February 2014. I was driving home from park and had kids sitting in the backseat. As the sun was going down around 7:15-7:30 to the left down 8st and 42ave. I noticed a single light orb floatinial buildings.. I had time. Had the kids so decided to drive to it. But traffic began to build. I can see it going from one building top to another. Low. When I couldn't get around traffic. I looked to right and noticed another set across street. This one was flicking in three set pulses and also low. Above homes. This one was in my residence area. I turn in quickly and followed. I managed to get some video at dusk as it flicked low and silently above homes towards the northwest. I had kids with me so after video I called off the tracking.

 Margate Buzzing Object Too Close for Comfort 2.28.14 Sightings

St. John's County Possible Abduction Sightings


Islamorada Object Separates Into Two  Sightings


Manatee Object on Cloud  January 24, 2014Sightings

 Orange Object in Cutler Bay, Miami. January 7, 2014 Sightings


Davenport Object on Cloud Aug. 25, 2013Sightings



Florida Personal Experiencers and Abductees
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A Being that Anthony remembers


 Libby II



Short being who was with Robert

Experiencer William

Being in William's kitchen


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My name is Mary Margaret Zimmer and I am State Section Director of MUFON South Florida in Miami, FL.
I am also certified in hypnosis and am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.   Abductees who wish to better understand their experiences may contact me at:


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